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  1. Well I went to the Cave of Rememberance in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden and hit all of the drive orb punching bags (I don't know what else to call them) for master form as well as grinding the heartless in that same area. They are tough heartless to beat when you're at a low level, but so many spawn in that area that it's a perfect place to level up all forms (except final). Not to mention you get a bunch of rememberance shards/gems/stones this way.
  2. My sister bought me a pack of those same socks on sunday omg
  3. At first I wasn't going to get it because I preordered 2.5 from gamestop and I had already bought 1.5 when it released, but I eventually gave in and pre ordered it.
  4. It looks amazing, but I wish I'd known about this before I preordered at Gamestop... and bought 1.5 ;-;
  5. I got the code from the newsletter they sent out about a week ago. Its a nice demo, and I'm glad you get some rewards for the full game.
  6. Yeah I got mine yesterday, but I was disappointed that the 24x36 frame I bought for it didn't fit I think the poster is actually 24x28
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