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  1. Clearly the point at which Roxas was put into the simulated twilight town was during the final week of summer vacation. Its specified plenty of times in KHII.
  2. Time flows differently in the realm of darkness and Ven's body can't age without his heart. One of my biggest gripes is why can't Xemnas wield a keyblade when he quite clearly has gone through so many methods of trying to acquire one? Manipulating Sora's memories, creating Xion, taking in Roxas, etc. If Roxas can wield one being Sora's nobody, then why not Xemnas being apprentice Xehanort's nobody?
  3. My first experience with Kingdom Hearts was waaaaaay back in 2002 when I discovered the box art. It stood out for me, with its almost shiny metallic look, then I took a look at the images on the back of the case. 'Wait a minute, that's Cloud Strife... and Jack Skeleton?! What is this mysterious game?!' I was in a Blockbusters at the time and I gave it a rent. Two days later I bought the the thing and have been hooked on it ever since. I loved Final Fantasy VII and I always wondered what a game like that with real-time combat would be like, low and behold Kingdom Hearts answered that question. Kingdom Hearts II still remains to be one of my favorite games of all time. I live in the UK and I still will never forgive Square-Enix releasing the game 6 months after the US release date. That wait was PAINFUL. I'm so hoping Kingdom Hearts III isn't the same, trying to avoid spoilers for that long in this day and age is almost impossible. I've bought every game, every Final Mix version and every available system it's been released on. I will continue to be a Kingdom Hearts nut for many years to come.
  4. Course they have the same tailor, his name is 'Tetsuya Nomura' the one with a zipper and belt obsession!!
  5. Nah, no need to unlock them. You'd see them the same way as the old cutscenes as you progress through the game. You can unlock theatre mode to view old and new cutscenes at your leisure after you complete the story. The only one you'd have to unlock is the secret teaser ending to Birth by Sleep.
  6. Just by playing the game. I've played it so many times, I know Kingdom Hearts II like the back of my hand.
  7. You can access certain worlds after certain points in the story. For example after completing both Halloween town and Agrabah for the first time you can go straight back to Twilight Town and then Hollow Bastion. After completing the worlds on the second visit you can access Twilight Town again to access the mansion and the path to the World that Never was, skipping Pride Lands and Hollow Bastions third visit. In fact it is entirely possible to complete Kingdom Hearts II without setting foot in the Pride Lands.
  8. Winnie the Pooh!! I mean, who wants to play in a world based off that movie, seriou..... Oh.... Nevermind...
  9. Hydro City from Sonic 3 is a water level done right.
  10. Same. I can't just say no to either of them.
  11. Yup, all those concerns about the extra cutscenes being redubbed can now finally be put to rest. This is the japanese trailer with English voice acting, it will be fixed in the final product.
  12. A star wars world? No chance! A Star Wars cameo involving the Gummi ship? Acceptable.
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