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  1. Dusk you're accepted. If we can get one person to join, we'll start it and I'll make my characters.
  2. So are you going to make a character or are you just going to comment on here?
  3. I was gonna say this definitely seemed like some mistake.
  4. Actually he's given fake name as name and you're supposed to PM me the character's real names. It doesn't matter, I think he's fixed it or otherwise I just went blind slightly. Probably the latter. Sorry!
  5. If anyone's interested. Maybe see about joining this new RP/game I'm doing. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/36069-death-note-another-note-who-is-kira-sign-ups/

  6. Accepted but look over the rules again Snow. I think you're missing something out from your post.
  7. ...It took how long to make this?!? This isn't a chapter. It's not even a paragraph. Is this the whole thing or did parts of it not come out?
  8. Hey. So this is both an RP, a test for a story I want to write in the near future and also a game. Here's the plot. The players will play as high-school kids, who currently find themselves in a cursed classroom. Once per year, one person from this class is chosen to be Kira by some sort of force of nature. This person, named Kira, has the ability to kill all of those who he wishes to, as long as he knows their true names. Because of this, the nature of the killings change every year and people usually take to having fake names. Every year, the children of this cursed classroom are tasked with finding out Kira's identity and how he kills his victims. If they don't they might just end up dead. People tend to try to team up to track down Kira, but knowing that one person in the classroom is Kira can tear friendships apart. If you enter this class you must know that you might be chosen as Kira and must act accordingly. Will you kill and if so why? And if you're not chosen as Kira, how will you figure out a mystery that has plagued the school for years? Here's how the RP's gonna work. You can choose a character or more to create. I would suggest more than one character, since I will be giving 'Kira' the ability to kill whoever they want, or at least negotiate it through PMs. I will choose Kira but only that person will know who they are, however Kira can always tell whoever he wants what his identity is. That doesn't necessarily end the game if Kira is not caught/arrested/killed. There can be about thirty kids plus a couple of teachers, but not many. First come first served applies here. RULES: NO GOD MOLDING! (This one's a big one for this RP, as if you have your character know way to much than they should; like figuring out who Kira is by looking into their eyes because seem nervous.) Be mature about the decisions that are made. (That means, if your character is chosen to be killed. Accept it! You don't have to be out of the RP if you make another character, but keep in mind this is also a game as well as an RP). Note that I'm only going to accept people I know are good RPers and who can work well with the horror/thriller theme that this RP will have. No taking control of another person's character without asking. But that being said, you don't have to tell the other RPers that you've got permission to do so and to do what with that character, you can keep that in PMs. I'm allowing swearing, sexual references and the rest as long as you don't turn this into porn or something. It is going to be a pretty mature RP. If you've read all the rules and you accept them, please put at the end of your posts. "I am Kira." CHARACTER SHEET: Real Name: (PM this one and don't tell anyone else unless you don't want your character to use a fake name.) Fake Name: (Can be anything. Doesn't have to be a 'real' name, if you know what I mean.) Appearance: Personality: Original opinion of the 'Kira Curse': I'll make my characters a little later on, if I see that this RP gets a good response. If you guys do like it feel free to make a character and apply to sign up!
  9. Isn't there already a topic about this? Or at least a topic about how similar it is to smash bros or something.
  10. Well, Riku's moves that use darkness are actually physical attacks rather than magic. He uses moves like Dark Fiagra but really that is one of the only spells he actually uses. Riku prefers to fight physically and yeah, he's the person in the game who fights using strength rather than magic.
  11. ............ ............ ............ I couldn't disagree more. For one thing, I'm just gonna point out that you don't like my two favourite games in the series (KH2 and Days). As for your days review, well, I would probably only agree with you concerning the bosses, which admittedly were a pain to fight, particularly the ones in Neverland. I found the missions enjoyable. I don't think they're as repetitive as you make them out to be. And then you say they're worse than the Crisis Core missions?! Those missions were the exact same formula for each and every one! And they didn't let you explore nearly as much as they do in Days. And the enemies in Crisis Core were way too common for those easy missions to be enjoyable. But back to the subject, Days' missions were repetitive a bit. Not going to lie. But find me a game that doesn't do that when it uses a mission system like the one found in Days. One thing I find odd about this review is that you didn't even comment on the one thing that most fans pick out as Days' key flaw that makes it so bad. The gameplay. Kingdom Hearts Days has easily the worst game play in the entire series, although there were the additions of gears giving great combos and other such likes, Days did not handle very well. That is a flaw I will admit to. And seriously? Seriously? The story of Days is probably the best in the series! I think it's even better than BBS'. This is because, Days had mystery to it. It had suspense and you got really connected to the character's friendship and saw that they were really alone in this whole group and you know after playing KH2, that they're being lied to the whole way through. The knowledge given in KH2 makes you really appreciate a lot of moments in this game and it pulls it together as a really emotional. And really the dialogue, if not a bit confusing at times, is good. That whole thing with the ice-cream. Many reasons for it. One; realism. You can't expect someone who's only been alive for like a year to go into this big speech about his friend and besides she would die before Roxas could finish saying goodbye if he went for the lengthy version. Two; You can't go too dark and depressing in a Kingdom Hearts game, because of Disney (honestly BBS has very sweet and happy endings when you think that Ven is fine, living inside of Sora. Aqua saved her friend and is still living with their friendship still strong and Terra is fighting against Xehanort. The ending of Days may have seemed nice but if you've played KH2, you'll know that it's actually incredibly depressing). Three; that line is symbolic. Ice-cream was the symbol of their friendship. That line is saying, who else will be my friend. I'm also open to debate and I think you're dead wrong on a lot of what you've said here.
  12. 1st bit- Axel met Sora and changed because of it, along with his newfound friendship with Roxas and Xion, his personality changed and he started to look out for his friends a lot more. It could also be said that Naminé changed him as well, since he remembered friendship and compassion. Stuff like that. 2nd bit- Axel learnt all about Naminé's abilities and also learnt what Xion was, as well as what her existence was doing to Roxas. It's also possible he learnt that Roxas had Sora's memories and Sora would go to seek him out or Roxas would go to seek Sora out if he ever learned the truth, which he did. 3rd bit- At this point, DiZ is talking about Roxas, as he believes him to be the only interference in Sora regaining his memories. Naminé briefly touches on Roxas but mainly talks about Xion. Naminé talks about how if she starts to believe that she is Sora, then she will try to take Roxas' memories and then the memories that exist within Sora.
  13. Magnet and fire always worked for me. That little combo takes care of most of the trash and if there's any left. Repeat process.
  14. Keychains aren't relevant to the story really. That's why in some cutscenes, you'll see Sora have the Kingdom Keyblade because that's his proper one. Keychains are for the game and that's it. They don't actually come into the story.
  15. Eh the adverts weren't that bad. They could have been worse. They could have been singing in them, Instead it was more like a censored gay orgy with the pokemon.
  16. It's still showing up on my laptop for some reason but whatever. And I'll PM you my answer if you want. Like I said before I don't want to turn this into some big religious argument and if you do want me to PM you my answer, I'd rather not have you reply back if you'd be so kind. Just keep your opinions of my opinions to yourself and let us agree to disagree and not cause conflict, okay.
  17. I've been watching the Deadman Wonderland dub... Alphonse watch your language!!

    1. Keyblade King 12

      Keyblade King 12

      It's the original Al from the anime. Aaron's the voice actor for Yoh.

    2. DarkRealm20
    3. Keyblade King 12

      Keyblade King 12

      That has almost nothing to do with what we're talking about DarkRealm and I don't even know you...

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  18. I wasn't expecting her to say anything. There's a reason that these things are called quotes and not replies. People use them as a building block for their own replies. Rather than just make my own post more complicated, I used Aqua's post to make my own simpler. And I honestly don't understand your own statement in the quotes.
  19. The problem with that last part is that if you don't believe in God, you don't get to go to heaven. But I'm not having a religious debate or really joining into this thread because I believe it will become a religious argument. I'll just say, the Bible is...not to be taken seriously. Be a christian if you want but if you do just know that even priests now adays refuse to completely abode by the points made in the Bible.
  20. Personally, this is what I think they should do for the next Kingdom Hearts. Include the old physical abilities and how to get them from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. This includes Ars Arcum and Explosion and such likes. Attacks like these would become a part of your regular attack pattern and finisher. I personally don't like the way they did this in BBS. As for Command Styles, I think this was a good idea, but I think each should be based off a world or character from that world, similar to the D-Link, but using physical attacks instead of giving you a new set of techniques and magic to use. The magic would go hand in hand with the magic techniques brought in by BBS and Coded. And the shotlock should also be included. Finally, the Drive Forms should be included, but this time as Valor representing Goofy. Wisdom representing Donald. Master representing Mickey. A drive form that uses darkness that represents Riku. A drive form that uses light to represent Kairi possibly and maybe so on.
  21. Jesus christ. Never ask for pure girl advice concerning guys. You need a balance of girl and guy advice. Now, IF all of these boys like you, go with VentusRoxas' advice and seeing about going out with all of them, not even properly going out on one date, just have a good chat with them and see if you could ever be interested in any of these other three guys. It's good to keep your options open. However, if I know guys as well as I think I do, chances are you're falling for a very common joke among guys which is pretending to like a girl and having a laugh about it. The sad thing is, most guys are doing this as a complete joke and not trying to be mean or anything but then the girl takes it seriously. Find out for sure whether or not it's a joke. And last thing I'll say. Whenever you made a topic read over what you're writing so it makes sense.
  22. Ah nostalgia, Well time to watch all the episodes again on youtube.
  23. D-technolife by Uverworld because it's an awesome song. By one of my favourite japanese bands and it does have a bit of a nostalgic throwback for me. It was also the opening for my favourite season of bleach and so yeah, I love that song.
  24. You can look up for how to make it online but sea-salt ice-cream was something that Noruma had when he visited Disneyland-Japan. He liked it so much he included it in the game.
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