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  1. Would it really change anything meaningful in the story if he wasn't dark skinned/tan/black? Then it would've been "racist" because almost everyone was white :wink:
  2. I clipped through a tree once...but that has been pretty much about it, I'm guessing if there are problems that bad they'll probably fix them up with patches. Most games that are released nowadays tend to do that now.Is that a good thing? No. Have I still enjoyed the game? So far, yeah.
  3. Don't know if this'll help but this happened to me and one of my friends, we just drifted apart after 7th grade and years later we just randomly bumped into each other while I was walking to high school it was awkward at first since we hadn't seen each other in ages but as soon as I saw him I just manned up and said "Hey man long time no see how are you?" and after that it was like we hadn't stopped talking at all.Just be calm odds are if you two were close she'd want to catch up on how you were doing too man, good luck! ^_^
  4. Not bad at all, if you keep it up they'll look way better in no time :DI would say as a tip of course that you should try and practice your anatomy a bit more and maybe look at more references for the characters that you're going to draw so you can get their details better, other than that more practice. Good luck :lol:
  5. In game nickname: Randy Friend Code: 2105-9147-7336 Safari Type: - Safari Encounters: -​ ​I have no idea what my safari type is so if anyone could tell me gladly appreciated thanks ^_^
  6. Yes I've been trying but it doesn't show ;^; for some reason
  7. Hey guys and gals, so basically this is a drawing I made for my girlfriend (it's supposed to be Gamzee and Sollux from Homestuck) and I'm not good at drawing (compared to the ones I've seen in some threads) so I wanted to hear what you guys thought about it (tips and constructive criticism gladly appreciated) The drawing doesn't show up for some reason '^' so yeah this thread can be deleted or moved whichever
  8. I love this guy....'s videos especially the song of storms one
  9. As I said it's personal opinion and yes from a gaming standpoint I really think they should've announced it for the WiiU since it makes more sense then releasing it for the Xbox One (I don't see any problem with this either...just to clarify) but from their pov I guess I can understand since the sales of the WiiU aren't as good right now as they should, I do think the WiiU is a great console it just needs a bit of a push and hopefully that push will be from the games they announced like Mariokart 8, Bayonneta 2, Super smash bros. for the WiiU I was really surprised there wasn't actually
  10. Hey guys and gals of KH13, it is about 4 a.m here in P.R and guess what? I have absolutely nothing to do so here's a topic Now earlier today we got to see what Sony had to offer and yesterday I believe we saw what Microsoft offered and I have to say that I was surprised seeing Microsoft with what imo is the strongest launch lineup between the two. And today seeing the Sony conference I couldn't help but feel a bit dissapointed with what they had to show. Maybe it was because my expectations were a tad high I guess after the confidence Sony showed, while they did show some amazing stuff like Ryme which looked beautiful like Shadow of the colossus had a baby with Wind Waker and that baby went to Sony and a bunch of other stuff like the price cut for the Vita, which I'm going to be honest does not make me want to buy one at all, it still felt a tad boring for me by no means was it bad but I can't help but feel that they weren't as strong as they appeared to be with their confidence. Now I will point out that I feel that the not so subtle jabs Sony is making towards Microsoft while not uncalled for in the industry (I mean it's competition what can you do, right?) are a bit obnoxious and they really should have something to back these up, which imo so far they don't. But tell me, what do you think so far of Gamescom? Did Sony impress? Which has been your highlight of the event so far? Thanks P.S Also yeeah I know I'm a bit late but I don't normally post much here
  11. Yes I do feel like they're overrated, but that's not to say they're not good of course all of this I've watched and still do. With DBZ I loved it since I was a little kid, I still remember me just hogging the t.v to watch DBZ with my cousin and try and help Goku with the spirit bomb or yell Kamehameha like idiots, but it's just that the nostalgia factor of it plus the fact that it majorly influenced most modern and not so modern shounen anime/mangas. Naruto I really like and still watch both the anime and read the manga but I really don't like how other characters don't get major development like Sasuke and Naruto which I think is a huge flaw of Naruto and the story feels a bit convoluted sometimes but it's still good. Bleach started off really badass and awesome but as time went on it lost all of that and I know a lot of people that just plain stopped paying attention to it plus all of that pointless fillers and recaps didn't help, but I gotta say the new arch is so far top notch and feels like when bleach started and it's really cool, though I do hate the fact that Ichigo is basically the most weirdly mixed mothertrucker ever. One Piece at first I didn't enjoy it mainly because the art style was such a turn off but I gave it a try and I really liked it but it just feels so dragged on that there's no ending in sight which might or might not be bad depending of what you think but I do like how characters get development and all that. So in conclusion are they overrated? yes I do feel like they are, do they deserve the hype? Some of it since this are all really good anime/mangas, but in the end it all comes down to personal opinion and I like them all.
  12. At first I was a bit confused about it, I was thinking why such a build up just to end it like this.....But after I thought about it, the ending grew on me. I feel like it wasn't a cliche ending where you know they're going to make it out and rid the world of the cordicep infection. And it did leave me wanting for more, what happened to Joel and Ellie? What would be the ramifications of Joel's obvious lie? It left me in awe and speculation and that's what an ending to such a game should do. In short I liked it
  13. -Story: Bioshock Infinite (I kept fanboying about it weeks after I was done with the game), Kingdom Hearts 1- 2 and The Last of Us -Gameplay: Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts DDD and The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask -Music: Most Legend of Zelda games, TWEWY and Kingdom Hearts series -Adventure: Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Bioshock series (maybe not 2 that much but still) and Pokemon (from humble beginings to living on a mountain waiting for a kid to battle you)
  14. It's not that hard if you have the patience to learn and the determination, take it from a random dude like me I learned a bit of Japanese from a tutor at my school. It's very fun and interesting and as Dracozombie pointed out it's a bit easier if you speak Spanish (I'm from Puerto Rico) as some of the pronunciation and sounds are similar. But it all depends if you have the willingness to learn, hope this helped. ^_^
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