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  1. The question here is...will Waluigi ever be a playable character? XD
  2. Well, the badass thing here is that we are potentially witnessing the birth of a Pokemon Cinematic Universe!
  3. Yeah, I think that the big draw for Avatar at the time was the technology back then was groundbreaking, and the film being 3D was also a big sell. While I did like the movie, it's not on the same level to me as Endgame is. Like you said, it's the culmination of a decade's worth of filmmaking and storytelling! But hey, Endgame is super close to beating Avatar! Just 300 million more! Yes, poetic justice! Lol, Thanos copter. XD
  4. I saw this movie last week, and I believe it breaks the stigma of bad video game movies! (Though I thought Prince Of Persia was pretty badass!) I’m looking forward to more Pokémon films in the future!
  5. I get what you’re saying. This would be a different way to approach KH! I like the idea, but I have to agree with the others. The reason why Disney works so well within KH is the fact that Disney’s characters have complexity to them, whereas many of Nick’s shows are too silly to be taken seriously in the vein of a KH game. If we are talking Nick cartoons like Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra, that’s a whole other story! But Nick doesn’t have too many cartoons like those!
  6. I’m sure that we haven’t seen the last of Data Sora or Data Riku! I guess Nomura just didn’t have a use for them for the story of Kingdom Hearts III, ya know? It’s interesting though, like you said, data can indeed be capable of growing hearts! So who knows what possibilities this opens up?
  7. Yessss that’d be awesome! And yeah, that’s something that’s always held true for Pokémon. That’s what makes each gen unique! The fact that there’s different gimmicks and features! I’m curious to see how Dynamax will impact Pokémon! And yesss, I want double the regions! XD
  8. I would honestly love if we got Gilgamesh as a secret boss! He’d fit so well into KH!
  9. Indeed, and one can only guess where the story will go next!
  10. I saw the most recent trailer for the game, and holy cow, it looks amazing!
  11. Indeed so! What other characters could possibly be revealed?
  12. That is true! Still, you never know what may happen!
  13. I'm excited to see more of this game, the graphics and voice acting are insane! Also, the combat reminds me heavily of Crisis Core!
  14. I hope we get lots of new Pokemon designs!
  15. I'd definitely love for multiple regions to be a thing again, like HeartGold and SoulSilver! Pokemon following you and voice acting would be amazing as well!
  16. That'd definitely be awesome! I also hope we get more secret bosses!
  17. All I know is that the future looks bright, and I'm very excited to see how the Foretellers will fit into this! That would be awesome! Lol, Kairi rainbow. XD
  18. This is an excellent way of including the MCU in Kingdom Hearts in the future! I believe it'd be fantastic, and I'd totally be down for it! But like Leamax said, first the ideas have to go through with Disney, and then there has to be licensing and paperwork regarding said licensing done. But if it can be done, it'd be awesome! Just imagine fighting against Loki! That'd be so badass!
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