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  1. Nerd for sure. I lack social skills, obsess over fictional things and I get high grades. But I like it that way. Well I'd actually prefer to have better social skills though...
  2. When do you have to fight 3 bosses in Traverse Town? I do not remember that at all...
  3. 44. The scene with Roxas, which basically confirms that he's going to end up being his own person
  4. Yeah, and if you play KH2 without fighting any extra enemies you can get to TWTNW in 15 hours.
  5. 27. All the SoRiku moments *prepares to be attacked by rabbid yaoi fangirls*
  6. I definitely agree about the plot, but I think that everyone is making the game out to be shorter than it really is. It's a solid 25 hour game, which is a decent length. I think the people on this site are just such huge KH fans that we started playing the game as much as possible when it came out, so we beat it in a few days and it seems short. But if you only play around 2 hours a day, the game would take about 2 weeks to finish.
  7. She's got a struggle bat, and I don't think they were ever planning in putting Twilight Town in the game... So definitely a fake. Lightning also seems to me like the type of character that, if they were to put her in a KH game, would stay as her normal age (like Cloud). I don't think they would "kiddify" her like they did to Tidus, Wakka, etc.
  8. The game said you had to be zoomed in to access link portals, so I actually thought you couldn't see them AT ALL zoomed out. So I always stayed zoomed in lol.
  9. I haven't come across it. I don't think it's in DDD, but I could be wrong.
  10. Yay, I finally found it! Thanks for your help, or else I never would have found it. But the weird thing is, I thought I had checked that little room with the treasure chest before. I guess I hadn't though.
  11. 20. Nomura trolling us by putting Sora's last Traverse Town special portal in the Fountain Plaza so you can't get End of Pain until AFTER you beat Julius.
  12. Why oh why is the 6th special portal for Sora in Traverse Town in the Fountain Plaza?! It's like they're trolling us! Evil Nomura...
  13. 50 hours total, 45 on my main standard file and 5 on my level 1 proud file. Where do people with 100 hours get all that time from?! The game's only been out for 2 weeks!
  14. Does the 6th one in each world only appear after you've beaten the first 5? Because so far I've only gotten one special portal 6 and I didn't get it until I'd done 1-5 for that world.
  15. 2 days? The game has been out for like 2 weeks. And no, I haven't completed it. Now I'll never be able to get that one keyblade...
  16. I think that the guide to link portals on kh13 should really be updated to say exactly where in each place the portals are. It would be much easier to find portals with a description of the exact location within the area.
  17. Mirage Split/Nightmare's End for sure. My second favourite is Wonder Comic, because they just look so cute in the comic!
  18. No, that's not it. I've found all the other portals and they weren't mixed up. It's just this one I can't find.
  19. It's no use, I've looked all over the machine room. There aren't any portals in it
  20. There's only 1 machine room, 3 stars is the difficulty I think. But thanks, I'll check it.
  21. I can't seem to find Riku's special portal 3 in Country of the Musketeers. I have all the others for Riku in that world, but I've looked everywhere and I can't find the last one. The dream eater is a "lop-eared cutie" and it's one of the rabbit dream eaters.
  22. Lol, the "truth"? This is just an opinion. And one that is not justified, because KH and Zelda are completely different, but both great, game franchises.
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