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  1. Just a little thing I put together
  2. Hey everyone I just made a new video and I would like your thoughts and criticism on it. I also talk about kingdom hearts in my top 3 most wanted list near the end. Thanks!
  3. I think this was too long of a gen to be honest compared to prievious gens
  4. wii u is next generation no matter if its just now got hd(see wind waker hd? I havnt seen the ps3 or xbox do something that clear). and what are you expecting for ps4 and xbox(whatever)? sure they can add the new 4080 resolution and better graphics cards but not drasticly superior to wii u
  5. Square enix is a japanese based company and in japan the xbox doesnt sell well because everyone in japan perfers sony and nintendo so It woudnt be a smart business move on SE part.
  6. Its great and has a darker story than the first game with muiltiple endings(one of witch is a very sad ending) and the true ending sets up for a 3rd game better than final fantasy xiii-2
  7. I would buy the japanese version most likely me too lol.
  8. 2D:The first Zelda 3D;Zelda skyward sword
  9. yeah no se is going to make plenty of more kh games which of those game wont be spin offs? who knows
  10. first of all Final Fantasy XIII sold over one million units on its first day of sale in Japan and Final Fantasy XIII-2 only sold 524,000 units in ITS FIRST WEEK.......obviously they lost alot of people who thought there games were becoming bad so your point is invalid.To address your second point THIS IS THE INTERNET people over exaggerate to get their point and criticism across into peoples mind you need to get used to that or else your going to have a bad time on the internet gezzz no one wishes the guy harm they just want them to do better and not give us a pile of shit. Its its also called a joke (http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png)
  11. Square enix has been slipping with there games recently and they need to have a rude awakening before they start losing ALL OF THERE FANS.Final Fantasy xiii-333333334551738238292978312829 = WTF SE?!
  12. Guys kh3 is in development I dont what your definition of development is but they are working on it if only barley like story and the basic combat system do you think they would announce a game it that kind of stage in is development? The answer is no and until versus 13 is completely done kh3 wont go into FULL DEVELOPMENT since versus 13 finally went into full development some time last year or early this year they should be just about getting close to completing it and there should be something at tgs this year
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