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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. anyone in vulpes looking for a member

  2. is the Kh13's KHUX group still looking for group members? my group is kind of crumbling

    1. BlankShell


      (Join out Leopardos group... we need more dedicated members =P)

  3. the nintendo fan of me wants nx to come out but the adult side of me wants nx to stay in "development" so i dont feel tempted to buy it

    1. Joker


      Well lets see the NX is about 6 months from launch so yeah I wouldn't say its unreasaonble at all to want to know what the damn thing at least looks like

  4. wow they look great! (i love how derpy he looks in the last pic though)
  5. @people who watched the new pokemon episode: :^)

  6. SpongeBob SquarePants I enjoy watching _______ before i go to bed.
  7. does kh13 have a official discord server or nah?

    1. Jake


      Nope. Daniel prefers to have users use the online chatroom/chat we have. :)

    2. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Come into the chatroom at some point President!

  8. was anyone able to download kirby:robobot demo yet?

    1. Joker


      Im pretty sure the games been released awhile ago

  9. im so mad because by the time pokemon go comes to canada, my nickname will probably be taken

  10. if kh3 is done right, there will be no need for a sequel for some time to come. IF kh3 is done right. (but i believe it'll be great)
  11. speaking of DiZ, is it worth evolving him to 6 stars? will the boost remain the same?
  12. i tried to do the 3000 jewels draw but all i got was reversed witch and a bunch of medals i already have :c
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