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  1. President Yoshi

    An Annoucement About Me And ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. President Yoshi

    The Dirty Mind Game

    SpongeBob SquarePants I enjoy watching _______ before i go to bed.
  3. President Yoshi

    Why I don't want a KH3 Sequel For a Long Time

    if kh3 is done right, there will be no need for a sequel for some time to come. IF kh3 is done right. (but i believe it'll be great)
  4. President Yoshi

    Lets tak about normal Raid bosses

    speaking of DiZ, is it worth evolving him to 6 stars? will the boost remain the same?
  5. President Yoshi

    First Summon

    i tried to do the 3000 jewels draw but all i got was reversed witch and a bunch of medals i already have :c
  6. President Yoshi

    International Celebration for both KHUX NA and KHUX EU

    a new medal and one ap missions? thank you KHUX! (spending 15+ ap on a mission really tests my patience to be honest)
  7. doubt it will even happen. but i'd love if they made some kind of mentioning to the what if they mentioned luxendark or even used "unacceptable" on a anges lookalike. that would be something
  8. i'd like to join. i usually wait until i have full AP ID:13322
  9. President Yoshi

    Launch time?

    ITS 12:12 still not here zzz
  10. well, it's just a game. most of the times you have to explain what kingdom even is because they never heard of it
  11. President Yoshi

    TWEWY 2 Chibi

    niiiiice i love how mr.mew has that "I don't know man. What's the damn point" look