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  1. The Internet seriously needs more people like you. I've never understood all the hate people seem to have for the guy even trying to cast the minor problems of FFXV onto his shoulders which they already said are being fixed for free. Everyone needs to stop whining and just appreciate the teams taking all this time off from their own lives to create what are usually high quality games for a bunch of ungrateful fanboys!
  2. My least favorite game is Birth by sleep and my least favorite character in it is Aqua.
  3. Very impressive almost looks like it could be the official concept art used for the new enemy.
  4. Sorry I meant the ones relating to Smash bros characters and their move sets. I'm actually trying to find the article where I first read this right now but as I said its pretty old so I can't promise anything. Sorry I couldn't find it but I originally read all about it from a link someone posted in a comment on silcrona back when smash 4 was coming out and people were going off about all the cloned characters.
  5. I'm not sure which video it is. Just search through their video's on Youtube relating to Super smash brothers and you should find it.
  6. Pretty old information actually that's why his move set resembles cloud so much including his final smash. And while not where I first heard it I believe Gamexplain covered it in one of their videos at some point when they were discussing clone move sets.
  7. Honestly I would say the thing that gave you away most was Sora your Xehanort was pretty spot on.
  8. Figured as much still not bad especially the shaky camera angles.
  9. No problem man feels good doesn't it.
  10. I would but I don't know how. Also I already mentioned I would be open to them doing both.
  11. Trying to hence why I didn't say more but my point remains there are far to many things left to be tied up.
  12. Chrona saved. Moon returned. Big bad properly defeated he was only sealed at the end and could break free at any time. The only thing that was really tied up was the thing with the witches and the title of Death Scythe.
  13. Would you care to elaborate?
  14. Because a full scale remake would take years and tons of manpower and they would have to put on hold or cancel KH 3 and FF XV for a game that came out years ago and's still selling as it is.
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