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  1. Well Winchester, the best advice I can give to you is, "move forward." For you showing how you feel just shows how alive you actually are. Ok. You may have annoyed or gone further than that to other people here or to those that you have seen in person, but I assure you can move forward and be inside your heart to be a better person. We are here to learn, to understand and to find what truly matters, to help others as we bettering ourselves, not to put yourself or anyone else down. Think about life in this way and I'm sure you'll find yourself with the things you wish to do in life. There is always a way back to doing what's right. You ultimately have that choice, no one else. I hope what I've said here can guide you to the right path. Sincerely, trueSora :biggrin:
  2. It would be awesome to work in something with video games, however I'm pursuing a different career. Nothing says I can't do it in my spare time :biggrin:
  3. Hahahaha, that ain't no diet. Funny though. I like it :lol:
  4. Actually, I've been less active as I started intense flight training this year. Kingdom Hearts is still definitely close to my heart though and I hope forever more
  5. My friend, fireworks make you imagine dreams and think big. You gotta love them
  6. That's some great imagination there. I'm looking forward to the rest of it
  7. Nooooo. That's a big shame :sad: All well. I suppose we will have to be even more patient. We just have to think positive and KHIII will come out soon. Positive thinking is a key
  8. It would be awesome to be staff member, but I'm just too busy on getting my career afloat...at the moment.
  9. Kingdom Hearts has some real deep meaning to it, and that really connected to me very well. Since we all are slightly different in some way, some may believe it is overrated. I think it is just perfect, but there are some corny bits for sure. Light is always the best way, and that I truly believe, as does Sora
  10. These are so awesome I gotta say, Sora looks different (far right of first image).
  11. It's holiday time!!! How is everyone going?

  12. My friend. That is a fantastic poem!!! I know that if you truly look and act to be pure in heart with all your might, you will be forgiven. Been pure and loving to do what is right is where you will find true happiness. Sorry about the deep writing, but that's kind of how I am and by the way, awesome avatar!!! Have an great day chao
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