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  1. i'm excited because the english version might release two weeks later maybe
  2. i found this on http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/kingdom-hearts/images/35066767/title/kingdom-hearts-3-fanart

    © http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/kingdom-hearts/images/35066767/title/kingdom-hearts-3-fanart

  3. dear god Nic cage in KH game? i wonder what he will look like?
  4. good point or the key to return hearts is inside one of the heroes (theory)
  5. maybe they will make a comeback in KH3 like taking orders fro the each of the seekers of darkness in their worlds
  6. it will probably assume that that it will be announced in late 2016 and released 2017. also he knows everyone wants this game so putting it on pause is a bad idea.@NMicheal
  7. maybe in the next saga there will be a group of people that have weapons that rival the keyblade?

  8. Should Disney cartoons old and new be added to the kingdom hearts series?

  9. Dream drop distance could work on the ps4 and if its on the wii u, players can know all the stories of the past games without playing them.
  10. So far the kingdom hearts series have been following the plots of classic movies along with their own story. But instead shouldn't they add the cartoons we grew up watching from the 90's like having Sora and the gang meet Darkwing Duck, the gargoyles? Which cartoon from yourchildhood should be in the kingdom hearts series?
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