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  1. Hey, thanks so much for the friend add ^^

    1. KairiDrive


      Anytime~ So glad to make new friends on here. Lovely profile too! Takes me back :D

  2. Iron Banner is over soon, anyone else play D2?

    1. Stardustblade358


      I do. Hunter main.

    2. KairiDrive


      I main Hunter as well. Interesting because Warlock was my D1 main. :')

  3. Hmm, an interesting take on this, I wouldn't complian if the other main characters played a bigger role in battle.
  4. {{ ✩ }} Heyy, a late welcome to the site! I recently came back to this community as well~ Hope you enjoy your stay!

  5. ✩ S t a r c h a r m s - -

  6. {{ ✩ }} I mean, in a way I'm concerned about the release of KH3 ( been waiting on that for some time now ), but I'm a huge supporter of finding any new information/connections and theories that anyone can muster.
  7. "Since the game was announced in 2013" ... ah geeze, it really has been a long time hasn't it. D:
  8. I've gotta get on about reading this myself... I stopped playing the mobile ver. so long ago, I'm almost too intimidated to play again. I have no idea how to guilt, what a good quest to power level is, or what Nova is... or even what my new Pink Fox buddy guy is. I'M OUTTA THE LOOP.
  9. Hah! Imagine, Riku looking up to Sora... I'm not quite sure if the fanbase is ready for that kind of idea. Although, him being almost if not as tall as Riku would be sort of a cool thing! We'll see~
  10. 0 a t h k e e p e r --

  11. I'm a little late, but thanks for the add. :')

  12. Excited for KHIII! *o*/

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