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  1. School starts tomorrow T_T

  2. First status in months 0.0

    1. Reyn


      Good for you.

    2. Joemahon1


      and thats what you say alright then

    3. Skai


      Great status

  3. Naruto: Dragon Chronicles suck!!! Trust me, its probably the worst Naruto game released, and get the Wii U, that way you'll be able to play those games and get any of the new games for the Wii U that pique your interest!!!
  4. 1) The Orphange most likely.....2) IDK3) The Tailed Beasts needs to be released from its hosts to survive, if they are still inside their hosts when the host dies, then they will probably vanish too4) ....Uh yeah idk
  5. Can you explain how? I don't mean to sound bad or anything it is just that I really liked it and wondered what you meant by how it could've been better.....
  6. Looks part ghost??? maybe even fire??? an
  7. One of the sexiest things I ever saw O______________________________________O
  8. My Top Three 1) KH2 / 3D (its a tie ) 2) BBS 3) Days (the intro dialouge as well as how they introduced each Org. member was freakin badass / epic in my opionion)
  9. Gotta say the organization's AI was really good in Days on team missions with Xigbar and Luxord healing at the right times (well for me atleast) so maybe a bit more like Days and KH1 where the AI for teammates ACTUALLY kinda supported you whereas KH2 was pretty chaotic in that aspect ( wasted so much munny on MAX items or elixirs on them )
  10. Okay so I'm going to my friends sweet 16 this weekend and I wanna gesta dress vest to wear on top of my BLACK dress shirt....but I don't know what color vest will look good upon a black dress shirt. So does anyone have any suggestions? I have a black dress shirt, black dress pants and a black and red tie (2 different ties like one black and one red) I also don't want to wear a jacket either so yeah. Thanx so much in advance, I value and appreciate all of the serious replies....so yeah um thanx
  11. Can anybody translate what it says??? PLZ! oh wait nevermind im a dumb-butt
  12. Beat him in my lvl 1 critical mode challenge LIKE A BOSS.....took like half an hour lol.....but still LIKE A BOSS
  13. I didn't laugh and i got the line but the wording and the way he said it just kinda threw off the emotional scene for me since i was teary eyed during the scene and when he said ice cream i was like WHAT??? O_O
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