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  1. The file size analysis is really stupid and weird. How can anyone tell 35GB means there's no more worlds to show. What?! If you don't know what you're talking about, probably best not to say anything. I don't think anyone could look at the file size and be able to make any conclusions from it ha. At best you could maybe look at other games and see how many assets you could fit in a similar sized package, but even that isnt really a realistic comparison. It's likely smaller because they don't need to put as many pre rendered videos in anymore. Also compression is a thing. However... Wow what a sight to see :'). I am really considering double dipping for PS4 and X1 version. Maybe triple dipping so I have digital on both and the physical deluxe edition for PS4.. And I'd probably dip again if they made a PC version and/Or switch version if possible.
  2. Honestly hope they go back to illustrations again with KH3. Same on the UI HUD too. The design here isn't terrible actually, but I still think I'd want the simple illustrated traditional KH menus.
  3. Bad example really, square enix wouldn't get mad at spending money really But yeah, getting turned off the game. I never usually spend money in games like this, but KH is an exception and spent... we'll say a fair bit, and even after that, I don't feel I can beat any challenge, I think it goes even beyond pay to win, it's more like pay extraordinary amounts to win, I think after this VIP sora medal, I'm not spending on it any more, cause I don't feel even when I have it's not made me able to win all the challenges, so I think from now on I'm just gonna be smarter with my jewels and save them for medals that can really help me, rather than whenever I can.
  4. Hope that's true. I believe I recall Shimomura looking at scenes first and thinking how to adjust music to that scene, so may be right. However I'd think stuff like combat music and etc. could be worked on now.
  5. Only just starting music production now...? 2019+ looking more and more likely. Don't be surprised if this ends up moving to PS5 at this rate.
  6. Probably about right with what the signs from interviews lately are pointing to. Just embarassing, announced it before the PS4 launched and it's looking like it'll be released leading up to the PS5, if not after it being launched.
  7. Well, way to drain my excitement for the trailer I guess. Probably a same length trailer as the concert one I bet now, Unless it's actually a bluff to surprise everyone with a release date, and in general anyway, having peoples expectations high is never a good thing anyway, but hopes aren't high that's the intention. Why say you'll reveal "final information" then say but don't get too excited. Thought we'd be approaching a time of more regular KH3 news, but at this rate who knows when we're getting it, 2018 seemed likely but with how news is being delivered, 2019 is looking on the cards if they're still not ready to even put out a rough release year after a little over 4 years now, In which we've had 2, maybe 3, real in game trailers and the others being concept.
  8. Yeah exactly what I was thinking, sadly looks likely it will be pirates now, which is a shame as you say, Treasure Planet is the world I've most been hoping for to show up, and can't see two pirates world's showing up. We can at least look forward to a "realistic" KH World showing up in 3 at least which could be stunning
  9. No worries, I found when it came out in europe, the play store did just recognise it as being installed, so probably the same app as you said.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the investigation!Glad I downloaded the US version and got very far into the game ages ago. It was probably policy reasons this whole time.Question though, how did you keep the save, but download the europe unchained version?
  11. This now means they'll make it so you're more required/forced to buy more things in Unchained X and they'll put more focus into mobile KH games rather than portable/spin offs. Will be worse for us in the end.Just hope this will be the only mobile KH tbh. Have been playing it, and it is decent in terms of combat, but the story is mostly insignificant, just a few minor teases at a deeper story after so many levels, and it's F2P...
  12. I was actually thinking that at first, but then I remembered, it's more down to Disney than SE. And seeing SSB characters are usually made into amiibos, Disney may not be keen on having Sora as an amiibo when they want him in infinity seemingly?
  13. Guys I said "big" role, not a role. Of course he's in every one. Does he deserve to be a keyblade master though (Which is better than sora's "rank")? No. Just think it's stupid when mickey doesnt really play a big role in the KHs tbh, not that I'm saying I want him to, (Definitely not), but just feels like disney is bigging up Mickey in KH whenever they can and even worse here as I don't think he's in this game?
  14. Urgh, mickey taking up most of the space, hope this won't be a trend, mickey seems to be taking up more and more space in KH stuff in more recent years despite him not really playing a big role (And don't change that either!) Would have liked a more simpler logo tbh. Maybe just the "χ " in a KH heart or even just a KH heart. Icon seems more busier than usual KH icons have been I think, at least from thinking about DS/3DS icons. Won't annoy me really anyway, just would have hoped Unchained χ would have been localised at the same time as it seems less of a localisation project as other KHs have been. That and SE seem more keen on worldwide releases now than they have in the past.
  15. Considering no voices? are in the game and the game is undoubtedly smaller than a usual KH, hopefully localisation will be much quicker. I would hope it would it would be a simultaneous worldwide launch, but maybe not seeing this info hasnt been passed in an english form officially.