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  1. Thief is the best. Tomb Raider is good too. I would love FF but I absolutely despise its turn-based battling system (the only game I can stand turn-based in is Pokémon). That's why I'm so looking forward to FFXV 'cause it's not gonna have that thankfully.
  2. Summons, creating a gummi ship and synthesising items. Just never make use of any of them. Not got a clue what ice cream thing you're all on about in BbS lol.
  3. Y. I love both legendaries, but Dark > Fairy imo. Really happy there's finally another dark legend and I actually love it. Also I prefer the exclusives on Y so far, anyway. (And Y has a navy+silver box, how is that not awesome).
  4. I used to be completely devoted to Nintendo, now I love Sony just a little bit more (and despise Microsoft)... But despite that, the 3DS is still better than the Vita imo. Not a fan of Nintendo's home consoles (while Sony's are amazing) but when it comes to handhelds, Nintendo > Sony.
  5. Not even got the game yet, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition and it's already a week late...
  6. Yeah I know, I doubt it'll have an evolution but I'm hoping that if it does, it'll set it apart.
  7. Eh, it bugs me that they have the need to rehash out a Pikachu every gen, but hopefully Dedenne will have an evolution that'll set it apart from Raichu.
  8. Xalaru

    Got GTA V?

    No, and I don't understand why it's such an amazing game to the point it ended up on BBC News here in the UK last night. Not getting it.
  9. Good, now maybe SE will pay more attention to us in the UK/EU when it comes to release dates & bonuses. Still waiting for my Limited Edition copy to arrive though, they haven't even sent it to me yet. :l
  10. Days > KH1FM > KHRe:CoM Re:CoM never came out in EU before so I'm excited to play it, but despite that, I wanna watch the movie first and then start from the beginning.
  11. Demarion finally defeated the last of the Heartless that were left. {I think he had like 2 left, oops.}
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