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  1. Guys, if somebody has a spare NA code for the demo, could you please PM?
  2. I know I will, having the game on the go is perfect, speacially with how big the game is, so whenever the New 3DS comes out in the West, I'll be getting a XL metallic blue one with Xenoblade Chronicles.
  3. Well if the pun doesn't work that way in Japan, then it must be Pokken. Afterall they can't keep us waiting a year to finally show it specially with trademarks already present, plus they do have to show they are actually doing something with the trademarked names, if they don't want to lose them.
  4. Well if the "shocking" part is supposed to be a pun, then it would be that detective game, though in a sense, that has already been revealed, in-game footage just haven't been shown, and if it isn't a pun, then it MUST be Pokken, hasn't it been like a year already, since that tease, it is about time we see something, specially since they have trademarks for it on all 3 major regions.
  5. I have always found that to be quite weird. Maybe she will be a descendant of the Foretelllers, from KHChi, or something Nomura crazy like that? But now, I wonder if she is alive, or if she died between the flashback and the current moment in KH.
  6. They ended the Sheik's sex debate, gender and sex are not the same thing. While we all should had known that Sheik, is a woman, since Zelda is underneath all of those clothes, but as Hyrule Historia, page 87, The Young Hero Begins His Sleep, mentions, the Sheik persona/alter-ego, is that of a Sheikah boy, therefore Sheik's gender, that which the persona/alter-ego/whatever is identify as is that of a male, even though it is a woman, the persona/alter-ego known as Sheik is a male, since the idea of that alter-ego, is to be perceive as a man, the character known as Sheik, even though biologically a woman, is identified as a Sheikah boy, therefore its gender is male. So:Sheik's Biological sex: Woman Sheik's gender: Male.
  7. Early 2015 will not be happening, Aonuma afterall wants to have the game playable by E3, the game without a doubt will be Nintendo's big holiday game, if it doesn't get delayed that is, and even if it was early 2015, they would had said it at E3.THe whole that "May not be Link" thing was already desconfirmed by Aonuma, and said he was just joking. And the board game is not a tie-in to the game, it is just merchandise of the game. Is that source, even trustworthy?
  8. I don't really see it... The only similarity I see is that they form a X shape, as the X-Blade, and that is still not much, since the X-blade was probably done in that shape, do allure to the symbol of chi, which is a X, and then got added some regal designs around it, to match its role as the "safeguarder" of Kingdom Hearts.
  9. But the Xehanort Saga is suppose to end with KH3, that scenario leading to KH4, would still continue with the Xehanort Saga,since it would be his actions, the ones which made all of this occur. Though this scenario is something, I would expect to happen somewhere,around the middle of the game, something like with KH2 and revisiting the worlds and fighting against Org XIII, but only this time, the worlds have fallen into the darkness, and they must be returned to the light, by finding clues leading to Kingdom Hearts, and where the Xehanorts are, by exploring the darkness-consumed world.
  10. That is why I said it was just a quick cash grab -___-, since even if it is stupid do remaster a 1 year old game, people will still go out an buy it. Or atleast that is what Sony says to justify this thing, we can't really know if it is true.
  11. If they weren't interested enough in those games last gen, to get or save up for a PS3 to play them, I doubt they would be interested on them now. This is just for a quick cash grab, and to fill up the droughts. That comparison is also a very bad one, Disney classic remakes, are from movies of more than a decade old, meanwhile this is from a game that is just about or just turned 1 year old, if it had been done in 2-3 more years, it wouldn't be as bad as this, but remasters of 1 year old games are just stupid and simply done for a quick cash grab.
  12. Rayquaza will surely have one, to not be left out, and if another legendary has a Primal form, it should be Arceus. The Pokedex(in Diamond) mentions that he created the world with his 1,000 arms, so during the millenias, he has seen a transformation to a more "simpler" form as Kyogre and Groudon has, and so he there should be some way to "reactivate" it, even if what we see in the game, is a magical aura that begins to spread out of the ring that Arceus has around his body.
  13. It would be interesting to see some worlds actually being destroyed, and not simply the hearless entering the keyhole and goodbye world, but actually seeing the Heartless cause some destruction, the Keyholes that connect to the heart, should be no more, so the world would had to eat the world to get to the world, seeing them actually take the hearts of the people would also be nice for once, since we have only truly seen it in the beginning of the first game, a Princess of Heart "dying" would also be interesting to have.Though if it were to be happen, it should be in the middle of the story, Sora has obtained the Keyblade to Return Hearts, the seven lights have been found, and the seven princesses are "safe", but then when they think everything is alright, various "stars" go out at the same time in a pattern that leads to a world we have visited in the game, preferably Destiny Islands, to cause some sense of desperation in the Sora, Riku, and Kairi, who barely arrive in time to save a small portion of the world, and in that moment, a Keyblade stabs Kairi, and Xehanort appears from the shadows, to claim Kairi's heart, and gives a ultimatum to Sora and Riku, that even though they have found the seven lights, the Princesses are not safe, and that they must be careful of those around them, giving them a evilish smile, and dissapearing into the shadows, to continue the destruction of the worlds... and yes I know I'm crazy, and that something like that would never happened, but I do agree that Xehanort must do something for us truly feel that we must stop him, something that makes his past actions, seem like mere child play.
  14. Hello tlozbj. I have a theory about zelda u and where it could place in the zelda timeline. I think it going to take place as a sequel to Four Swords Adventures in a new era because look how colorful Zelda U looks like in the trailer. When you look at the zelda timeline and look at where four sword adventures is, it's placed in the shadow era of the child timeline. Maybe a new era started when ganondorf was defeated in the game, which means that we might not see ganondorf in Zelda U.

  15. Nintendo better open up their wallet, and get this, if Iwata really wants to do some acquisitions as he said in that investor meeting, then these is the perfect time. Nintendo could not only add a extra force to their studios to diminish software droughts, but they would also have Monster Hunter in their grip, giving the majority of control over the Japanese market, plus they could finally bring back Mega-Man. They can't let this be the last cheer for Mega-Man...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wnnv5zySAk Also imagine what a studio like Retro could do with Resident Evil.
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