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  1. Opened thread. Saw pony Post reply plz go
  2. Name: Let's Play Super Kingdom Hearts + 10th Anniversary Video Category: Cutscenes & gameplay Short Description: The first episode in my possibly ongoing series where I play Kingdom Hearts in the highest quality I can muster. Also included in this episode is my 10th anniversary music video. Please leave feedback for the future. I may do commentary in later videos. View Video
  3. Name: mistake doublepost Category: Cutscenes & gameplay Short Description: None Provided View Video
  4. KH2 Final Mix goes out of its way to shove the dual-protagonist thing in your face with the menu screen and the revolving save symbol on the memory card. Still, Roxas is just a main character in his own story and Sora in his. Neither of them are THE protagonist of KH2, but Sora's story is longer and factors in Roxas's near the end.
  5. Thought I'd commit sudoku after watching it, but laffed instead. Pretty good.
  6. Terranort was warped to Radiant Garden, not Destiny Islands. Also, I don't think MX ever intended for Ventus to be his new body.
  7. -I think the orchestral version of Simple and Clean that plays during the menu trailer is secretly a MIDI like everything else. The version on the soundtrack is a different recording of a real orchestra playing it. -If you fight him long enough, Darkside will eventually shoot out 5-6 energy balls instead of 3. -The Destiny Islands is in a giant skybox that surrounds the island in a circle. You can exit it with a jumping glitch when you return there in End of the World. -The machine in the Hollow Bastion segment of End of the World has 5 pods on it sized for people. (Nomura clearly didn't use this method of heart removal as shown by 3D) -The reason Maleficent is mad when she sees Riku's keyblade is because of the incomplete heart. I never noticed the blade formed a heart until years later. -Ansem's Guardian on the World of Chaos resembles Braska's Final Aeon from FFX. -There's a normal sword underneath the decoration on Ultima Weapon -The Mark of Mastery looks like the Heartless emblem -Hollow Bastion and the castle in the Deep Jungle picture really were the same building before the design was retconned -A sign says "Come Back Soon!" with a hidden mickey on top of the Traverse Town exit -I used to think the kid by the lamp post in Traverse Town was Tidus
  8. For a second I thought you were going full Namine on the drawing.
  9. Check the seashell that washes beneath the wave in the opening of the game, then watch Xion's death cutscene. Look familiar?
  10. Please no pancake face. Please GOD NO PANCAKE FACE ANYMORE. Animate every damn word.
  11. The Piano Collection version of "Roxas." The others are just a bit too grand.
  12. They've been using Hikari Orchestral for years in trailers. It really is the franchise main theme song.
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