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  1. Haven't been here in a while! xD

    1. ~DawnStar2004~


      RIKU. i mean ri---welcome back xD;;

    2. Miminezz


      Lol, thank you! :D

    3. ~DawnStar2004~


      Your welcome riku riku friend of riku x'3;


      All my friends are also fwends of rikoo x'3

  2. I humbly request joinage to this club and hereby present a contribution made by yours truly.
  3. I would like for all of the currently known Keyblade wielders to be playable at some point. Have a battle system like FFX had; where you can change your party members during battle.
  4. Ah, well since I already ship Xion with Riku....I also don't like pairing up one character with multiple people. I'm weird!
  5. I don't pair up Axel/Lea with anyone because I don't really see any romantic tension between him with any other character.
  6. ^^Aw, poor baby! I've seen a more heartbreaking version of this somewhere...;n;
  7. I didn't buy one at first because it was expensive and there were no good games on it. Then when XIII and later XIII-2 came out I reconsidered buying a PS3, but changed my mind. I have to buy one now, for KH:ReMIX. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. Of course! All Ven fans are welcome!
  9. This club is dedicated to the sweetest character in the franchise, Ventus! (But call him Ven for short! )
  10. Terra and Aqua, Sora and Kairi, Roxas andNaminé, and Riku and Xion!
  11. Does anyone think that Sora, Ansem SOD, and Xion's lines will get redubbed for KH1.5 ReMIX?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Miminezz


      I'm one for nostalgia too, I was just trying to be fair to Hayden, that's all! :D

    3. King Riku

      King Riku

      She does an ok Kairi, I wouldn't want Xion to be too much like her is all.

    4. Miminezz
  12. DEM KEYBLADES. DO WANT. I'll probably get normal Sora and Riku...and the Keyblades, if they'll be sold separately.
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