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  1. Chain of memories because what kind of kind of game do you run out of attacks?!
  2. As we all know by now that you can get a poster of the cover art. I reserved my own the minute I saw it released. I got a tube in the mail today and much to my surprise, the poster was in there ! I thought it wouldn't come out until the game launched, but now I have it.
  3. I am calling bull shit! He has never failed us before, he will pull through. He w always does!
  4. I'd get the collector's addition but I don't want 1.5 again. I have no need for 2 copies of it. They should meme a version with just 2.5.
  5. I was the first one to pre-order it in the area.
  6. Just play it through in order... Playing the game through is much easier and you will understand the cinematically better
  7. It is because of all the hearts connected with his... He even says , he is weak but it's his friends that give him his power.
  8. I am playing CoM again giving it a second chance. I had a horrible experience playing through it the first time. I need advice as of how to build my deck. Leveling up when to choose raise health or the other things. Or when you get that card wheel thing what cards to try to get selected. Please help
  9. I think it's going to be a while before the next trailer. Like not until 2014. I hope it shows the part of the final battle. But the thing I want the most is a hint of what will happen with the Bbs trio.
  10. The entrance to the mansion was blocked off. The whole in the bricks was filled
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