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  1. I'd be curious to see how Frozen plays out. Especially considering that movie and Tangled were released in close proximity to one another.
  2. I noticed that all the quests use a new template, but only the first few are done. The page for the template doesn't have any real documentation over than a blank copy of it. Are there plans to have all quests use this template (either by manually filling out the information or doing it manually)?
  3. D3xus

    Hello all!

    I don't know. Do I? You seem familiar from somewhere.
  4. "I've seen this gentleman for six years and I don't KNOW anything about him" Pootis bird. Go.
  5. Maybe adding some info on medals that are or were obtainable from events? Even if those events aren't running anymore (the current Alice event, the KH3D event, etc)
  6. D3xus

    Hello all!

    I'm finally starting to "get with it" and mingle with people outside of Reddit. It's a brave new world for me, but I'll do my best I'm D3xus, known as /u/TheD3xus on Reddit. I'm one of a few people who moderate the Kingdom Hearts subreddit that some of you may or may not browse. I'd like to try to increase my presence in the Kingdom Hearts community, both with the subreddit and for myself personally. Hope I'll see you all around!
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