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  1. But there's no chance of this coming? Like Bradygames of 3D, or any kind.don't know...?
  2. Omg that was perfect! I didn't enter in kh13 a long time, just came here to tell you to post the complete version, or pass to me in privacity, it's 10!
  3. (finally...i'm back) Nevx was at the front of the gate with the others,in the D.B.P.K stronghold. "...Guys?"
  4. Re Coded: Is soooooooo easy,i don't get struck like KH2 in Xaldin or Xigbar...
  5. this is what happens when you fight someone that can control time u.u
  6. (well,i will create a character connected to Nevx after D.B.P.K saga end,i will just wait for now.)
  7. (i'm still on it,sorry,i've been to long away from KH13,now i'm back,but you two are in a flashback,and i can't do nothing)
  8. I feel...Peace.I can't be angry,i can't hate when i hear it.If i'm feeling sad,i cry.I NEVER cry,no matter how much sad i am,i never cry,this music...it unlock my heart.
  9. (sorry guys,i've been a long time from my PC,now i'm back,i already saw what's happening) Nevx was following everyone,he was feeling strange things,and don't helped the others battle the strange that appeared. "...Sorry guys..." Nevx said to everyone.
  10. Where is my Duck? x3

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    2. VanitasisKirby


      B-but I miss my ducky! :( *sobs*


      btw, when are we getting married? xD

    3. Roxas_Wagner


      when you want ;D

    4. VanitasisKirby


      When you're ready~

  11. try taking one more trophies,if i remember,standart was 8,not 7.
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