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  1. I Think They Should Kiss. At The Very End Of End Of KH I And II Sora And Kairi Shared Affection In The Final Scenes. Those Are Some Of The Best Scenes
  2. Oh, I Loved That One Of My Best Birthdays Was When I Got Toa Lhikan & Kikanalo!! *Drool* So Epic
  3. Oh My Gosh, I Just Odered The Remaining Bionicle Comics I Needed!! (Aside From The One They Released As A Webcomic) I Had Nearly All Of Them Since I Had Been Subscribed To Lego For Years
  4. Ok, Those Guys Are Sick!! No One Should Ever Be Treated That Way.. *sigh* These Hate Crimes Are Probably The Only News People Ever Hear Concerning People Who Don't Agree With The Recent Sepreme Court Decision.. We're Not All Like This, Just A Small Portion Of Wicked People.
  5. Ok, I understand eating dogs (kinda..), but what in the world???? A puppy?? And he disposed of the head in the garbage?? And, he couldn't even put it down mercifully.. he had to strangle it. Wow..
  6. Hi, I know I'm not really apart of this project (I would like to be, but I haven't the slightest idea how to program a game or anything), but I check in on it from time to time and I have some ideas about how the keyblade system might work at the academy. I had wanted to implement it into my own story.. only problem is, I don't actually have one. Only a few ideas..
  7. Ohhh, Ok, Glad He's Comming Back
  8. Amazing Stuff!! Impressive To Draw Such A Large Picture. I Would Love To See A Version Without Any Blur Or Effects Too.
  9. Obviously I'm not going to go into huge detail in an internet discussion. I've seen countless of these that end nowhere. The arguments never stop, and neither side ever wavers. On the subject of country religion, it can very well be said that the U.S. is "supposed" to be a Christian nation. Seeing as how it was founded on Biblical principles from the Christian Bible. Basically all of the founders acknowledged the Christian God in some way. However, like you said, the government has harbored more and more religions now. And protects them with great zeal. It was never intended to do this, however. And on the earth's shape, the Christian Bible commonly uses the term "circle." In geometry a circle is a flat object. But the thing is, the old Hebrew language may not have had a word for sphere. So, the debate on what to interprete the Bible's use of the word circle is open. It doesn't actually say the earth is the center of the universe. It's actually rather quiet in that matter. When it talks about the sun setting, and rising. It is just from the prespective on earth. It doesn't say the sun and moon orbit the earth. Well, this was a good discussion. Let's leave it at that. It's always invigorating to exchange views with someone. But no matter how much we do, it never amounts to much. We will both walk away with the same beliefs. I guess that's just the fate of the internet. So, It's Best We Just Agree To Disagree.. *Holds out digital hand
  10. Fair Enough, I'll Refine It Just Christian Creationism That Teaches That Age. And Evolution Has Plenty Of Instances Pointing To It Being Invalid. I Am In No Way Ignorant To The Universe. I Admire It, It Intrigues Me. And Christianity Used To Be Taught In Public Schools. Now All The Public Schools Are Government Schools. And Despite What Is Taught, Freedom Of Religion Did Not Include All Religions. It Was Meant Just For Christianity. That In No Means All The Founding Fathers Were Christians Though.
  11. Yes Neko Chan. Please Tell Me!! Can She, Lee??
  12. Will You Guys Invite Me To The PM?? X﹏X
  13. Evolution Is. Creationism Teaches That The Earth Is Closer To 6 To 10,000 Years Old.
  14. That Looks Crazy Roxas!! Good Work!!
  15. Ok, I Won't.. And I Won't Call You By Your Old Name Either And, I Love You Guys, Silver And Sora!!
  16. Sikota?? Nooo, I Hope He Returns. And Sodom-chan Changed Her Name??
  17. I Can Still Sign Up?? I Love Naruto!!
  18. Oh!! How Could I Forget You, Great White Rose Of Wutai?? Will You Also Consider My Request??
  19. Overlord, Overlordess, Lord Of Shipping, Queen And Child .. I Know I'm Not A Freaquent RPer. The Honest-To-Goodness Truth Is That My Life Has Become Busy Recently, So I Can't Post Consistently. I Would Still Humbly Asked To Be Included As An Honorary Member Of The PRKH13.. Will You Consider My Request??
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