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  1. Yes, I Had A Note 2 Before This. Note 4 For The Win! And Sorry, I Just Tossed The Earing In There And Kinda Forgot About It. ∩__∩
  2. Done On My Note 4.
  3. Aqua and Terra done on my Galaxy Note II.
  4. Aqua and Terra done on my Galaxy Note II.
  5. Apollo stepped forward, as he did he raised his hand and tore off his blind fold. After a moment his eyes shot open. At last he could see. A light, blue light shown bright from his eyes. (Imagine watching a video in 240p, and then it switching to 4K. That's basically what just happened to Apollo after taking off that inhibitor.) "Ah, that's better." His eyes suddenly narrowed. "Hold up.." He could see it all "The walls, the floors!! They're all made of nanomachines. Watch out." His left hand hand pulled out his bow, then his right hand picked out an arrow and notched it. [Well, nice to see that Hammer Girl is still around] He thought a little sarcastically
  6. Thanks, Guys. Ha Ha, You Used The Term Hoo Boy!!
  7. Although he had been conscious for a while, Apollo remained on the ground. He appeared to be asleep throughout the whole ordeal, but he was very much awake. And very confused. But amidst much confusion, he had a few revelations. [Magic.. there is no magic.. no Kamyn.. it's all just.. ] He sat up slowly. "If the reactors are shut off, so will all mag-.. the nanobots. So, that would mean that my eyes.. my sight" He raised a hand and clutched his blindfold over his left eye. "So be it, father.. I will go the distance." He removed his hand and stood to his feet quickly all in one motion. "I don't know what nanobots or spaceships are. But, for now it doesn't matter. [What am I saying?? All of history as I know has just been a lie!! Of course it matters..] He thought, frustrated. But he knew there was no time to wallow. Action had to be taken. Once Adriev is taken down.. humanity here will be saved.... right?" He looked at Efenton as he finished his sentence. There was an uncertainty in his voice.
  8. (There Is Only One Button)
  9. [Well, forget this] Apollo thought with a defeated frown as he saw Kinzoku moving towards him [Why.. why her?? Why couldn't someone from my team be the one?! o(╯□╰)o ] He wanted to dodge so bad.. but for the safety of both teams, he dropped the herbs as a metallic cylander bashed into his head. [This better.... work..]
  10. (Sweet Lord, Could Someone From Platinum Just Knock Me Out?? ﹋o﹋ )
  11. (Your BF Is An Alchemist)
  12. The Button To View Mobile Site Is Gone!! D:

  13. Apollo returned with necessary herbs. "Looks like there was just enou.." He saw Aya already unconscious. "Oh, I see that she's already down." [Well, heh, heh. I had kinda go gotten this so the girl wouldn't have to be forcefully knocked out. I guess she was ok with that..] He thought a little embarrassed. His face had turned the tiniest bit pink before he had reached Fairy. *Ahem* He composed himself. "So, think you can whip this up real quick, Fairy?" He asked cheerily holding out his hands.
  14. (Gotchya, Edited My Post)
  15. (OOOOH, Is Lance Still In?? Darn, My Post Is No Good Then.)
  16. [it's not hard to see where this is going] Apollo thought. He wasn't extremely pleased with the situation. [The girl with the hammer and the talkative one are definitely staying awake. 2 of our own team still have to get knocked out. Aya may agree, but only if Sairi remains awake. Fairy made good points, and seems determined to prove herself, so she's staying awake and I don't think Varion is an option.]"I'll go down.." He suddenly spoke aloud and then turned to Kinzoku. "Don't come near myself or my teamates with your.. cylinder, ok?" He turned and walked to Aya and Sairi."Aya, I think you should go down as well. It's nothing personal." He smiled at her and put his hand on Sairi's shoulder. "I'm just sure that your brother will keep you safe, that's all." He removed his hand and crossed his arms as he walked toward Varion and Fairy.He looked at Fairi. "You said you wanna prove yourself, can you help me with something? We need to whip up a substance that can safely knock someone out. If the supply shack was once used for war, it will have the ingredients we need.""It's hard to find the comfort to shut your eyes when you're in a war.... many soldiers would have to take something to put them to sleep. But instead of just having an already-made substance sent to the supply posts, they would have have various herbs sent that they could make into a knockout formula, so the people and the King wouldn't know how scared they really were."He turned around, "I can go back to the shack and grab them if you can combine them. I know about herbs, but putting them together isn't my strong suit. As Varion said, we don't have much time." Not waiting for a reply, he continued hastily to the destroyed shack.[i'm just not fond of the idea of taking a ride on one of Hammer Girl's stretchers. *Gulp* -_- ] He thought warily as he passed by her.
  17. I Think You Might Have Misunderstood My Post. (**)
  18. "I think that plan may yield dire consequences" He had been silent up until this point. "The Kamyn won't make it so easy. The question I think is, which team gets to send 3 members onward, and which can only send 2." He spoke to both teams stepping forward "I propose the flipping of a coin. Who ever wins gets to send 3 and whoever loses can only send 2. After that it will be up to each team to decide who advances and who stays behind. At this point it's impossible to know who's a traitor or not, so it won't just be a matter of sending the strongest forward. That's too risky." He said as he pulled a rather large coin from his pocket. On one side it had the likeness of a king of old. On the other it had a castle with seven stars above it. "Since Platinum attacked first, Silver should choose either kings or castles."
  19. A single boulder fragment had smashed into the side of Apollo's head and knocked him unconscious and blown back his hood. It wasn't until he heard the sound of the opening door that he started to come to. "Uh" He had been on sprawled out on his stomach. He used his arms to push his body up. "How.. could I let that hit me??" He spoke to himself out loud as he stood to his feet. [Hm, probably thanks to this] He thought as he lifted his right hand to feel the enchanted blindfold. When his hand reached, his fingers met with a surprise. "Tch!!" He let out. [A rip?? Must have been one heck of a boulder. Keyros has the highest quality items.] He thought as he felt the rip that had been made. [Guess there's no point in hiding it now..] He hooked all four fingers onto the blindfold. He was about to rip it off when he noticed the Silver Team just beyond the open door. He removed his hand and threw his hood back on. He stepped back checking around to make sure everyone in Platinum Team was ok.
  20. Yay!! And Happy Independence Day To Anyone In The States!!
  21. There's Someone In Our Way Right Now?? Sorry, Was Way Out Of Town. Nevermind. I Saw The Posts, They Hadn't Shown Up Yet Cause My Tab Didn't Update.
  22. (HOLY CRAP. I Really Wanna Post But I'm Gonna Be Driving For Like 8 Hours!!!! o(╯□╰)o)
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