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  1. MDS, I Just Saw The Post That This Was Up. Could You Pretty Please Save Me A Spot?? o(╯□╰)o
  2. I Didn't Think It Was Possible To Be TOO Excited For An MDS RP. Although, I Feel Kinda Lame With My Noobish Good Guy Characters. I Can't Access My Inner Sadism. (Yoo Hoo, Anything There??) Nope. ╮(╯_╰)╭No Matter!! I Desire In On Whatever Goes Down!!
  3. Wait, What's Going On?? ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ
  4. I Thought Sora Had Taken The Pic!!
  5. Did A Study Of Some Different Super Hero Bodies.
  6. Name: Superboy [Conner Kent] Age (11-25): 16 (Actually 6) Gender: Male Appearance: Wears His Outfit From Invasion, But The Front Of His Hair Has Grown Some Personality: He Was, At First, Very Overconfident, Anti-Social, And Easily-Angered, But In The Past Few Years He Has Become More Level Headed And Social. He Has Even Gotten A Better Control Of His Temper. Bio: Superboy Was Discovered In A Secret Lab By Aqualad, Robin, And Kid Flash. He Was A Genetic Experiment, A Clone Of Both Superman's And Lex Luthor's DNA. He Then Joined The Team, Training With Black Canary And Taking On Missions. He Has Feelings For Another Member Of The Team, But He Eventually Called Off Their First Relationship. They Eventually Got Back Together After The Conclusion Of The Reach Invasion. He Has Made Close Friendships And Come A Long Way Since First Being Discovered . Solo or Team?: Team Powers/Abilities/Weapons: Super Strength<Superman's, Super leap, Invulnerability<Superman's, Super Speed<Superman's, Super Hearing, Telescopic Vision, Infrared Vision, Excellent Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Multilingual, And Encyclopedic Knowledge Theme:
  7. Had This Whole Thing Typed Out On My Phone And Lost It.. -_-# Name: Mogilacistusomonianus "Mog" Age: Unknown Race: Moogle Class: Black Mage Personality: Shy, But Can Be Very Bold For A Moogle If Provoked. He Either Likes You Or Doesn't. It's Usually The Latter. Once He's Decided On One, It's Hard For Him To Change His Mind. Backstory: Mog Spent Much Of His Childhood Honing His Magical Abilities, Which Had Developed Greatly At A Very Young Age. His Father Was A Master Synthesizer. He Was Also One Of The Few Moogles To Leave The Island. His Father Had Gathered A Few Of His Fellow Synthesizers And Set Off To Open A Shop On Strange Lands. But They Disappeared, And Haven't Been Seen Since. Mog Hopes That Wherever His Father Is, He Has Achieved His Dream Of Synthesizing An Ultima Item, But He Still Feels Sad That His Father Left. He Was Left In The Care Of The Monk Mages, Where He Was To Train Until He Came Of Age. They Offered Him A Permanent Home There, Granted He Take Their Oaths. He Left Them, However, And Lives By His Own Code Mostly In Solitude. Most Moogles See Him As A Hermit, Though That's Not His True Nature. Weapon: Magic Magic: He Mostly Uses The Dark Form Of Usual Spells. Such As Dark Fire, Dark Thunder, Etc.. In Rare Cases He Might Unleash A Hell Spell, But This Takes A Fair Toll On His Little Body. Japanese voice actor/actress: Sumire Morohoshi But A Little Darker. English Voice actor/actress: Ariel Winter But A Little Darker Theme: http://youtu.be/JSsuCGtzGJc Appearance: Forgot His Pom Pom, He Does Have It. It's Just Not Shown.
  8. Ok, Cool. Could You Message Me Any Details I Need To Know About The Character.
  9. Can I Be Superboy??!! He Is My Fave!!
  10. Thank You. Has Anyone Heard From Sora's Baby??
  11. Hey, Kota. I Don't Know If You Saw My Submission Or Not. I Edited A Previous Post So That I Wouldn't Double Post.
  12. Name: Lucius Festinatio Age: 18 Sex: Male Appearance: Wears Knee Pads, Running Shoes, And A Glove On His Left Hand. Ability: Super Speed And Minor Super-Human Strength. He Has To Eat A LOT TO Keep Up With His Metabolism And Keep His Strength Up. Weapon: None Really. Bio: Lucius Had Always Been Faster Than The Other Kids Growing Up. But It Wasn't Until Around 10 Years Old That His Parents Realized That There Was Something Seriously Strange About The Speed Their Child Could Move At. They Always Tried To Tell Him To Just Go A Little Slower, Give Other Kids A Chance.. But It Was No Use, Lucius Had No Interest In Putting Limitations On Himself. So One Day, He Just Left. He Has A Theory That He Can Run At Human Speeds Indefinitely.... He Just Won't Take The Time To Find Out. Theme: I Won't Pretend To Know What The RP Is About, But If You've Been Learning From MDS And Combing That With Your Already Great RP Abilities, This Will Be Fun And Interesting. Hopefully Some Good Challenges That Will Push The Characters In Unexpected Directions.
  13. Ok, Thank You. I'll Get My Character Submission In In A Couple Hours. How Far Into The RP Are Ya'll??
  14. You Regret It??!! I Thought You Just Liked Making Me Sad.. :'(P.S. Hey Everyone!! (>_<)
  15. So I Started Something To Try Out My New Copis; It Kinda Turned Into Brody From Mark Crilley's "Brody's Ghost"!!
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