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  1. Unfortunately I Have A Habit Of Posting Pictures Daily On Instagram And Fb
  2. When I Was Little I Took My Bffs Bulid-A-Bear Work Shop Game But I Felt Bad After So The Next Day I Gave It Back With A Bag Full Of Candy
  3. I Think The Aipom Are Enjoying watching Way To Much
  4. Redbubble.com Is The Best I Got My Axel T Shirt From There
  5. Pretty Sure Thats Kuroyukihime From Accel World
  6. It Is Not Just Reagular Bacon! Its The Best Bacon Ever! (Im Canadaian ) The Bacon In England Sucks How Have You Never Tasted The Joy Of Bacon?!
  7. Bcause Im A Girl I Feel Like I Should Say Aqua But Lea And Riku Are Just So Kick Ass (And Smexy!)
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