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  1. Unfortunately........There is no possible way that they can get rid of this Action Replay, because it doesn't insert into the DS anymore. It connects to the computer via USB and you put the game into it, so unless they're able to update the games themselves to block access, it looks like this is here to stay, and even then you could just avoid updating the games D:
  2. Only if the EVs are over the possible level, but still. If EV cheats and shiny cheats come to exist, or exist already, then all my (and everyone else's) 100's of hours of work will be put to shame with thousands of people getting everything they want with the press of a button
  3. So yeah, if you want to check it out, it's called 3DS Action Replay Powersaves Pro. This thing was released less than a month ago, and while I say to myself "FINALLY..." I'm also pretty disappointed at the same time...I watched a youtube video and there are actual CHEATS that work for all 3DS games now. I saw a dude give himself 999 masterballs, rarecandies, BP, etc. for Pokemon X. I don't know the extent to the cheats yet because I just now found out about this, but I HOPE that you can't do shiny cheats or EV cheats...I'm pretty sure competitive battling is now successfully ruined, YET again.
  4. You're wrong. That line had nothing to do with them getting Keyblades. It means nothing more than exactly what it said. That they wanted to be more important and brought into more fights. That's it.
  5. Sadly, the only new worlds are all musical variations of The Muppets movies.
  6. It sucks that it also happens to the best game series ever created...(KH)...And that Japan will get KH3 6-8 months before everyone else. In fact, I bet you anything that the English KH3 will be 100% done with millions of copies made, 4-5 months before they release it. -_-
  7. Yeah I just couldn't get into it, and the black ground/no environment detail whatsoever besides maybe a couple trees during battles with a hideous user interface just makes it worse, but that's to be expected for a game that came out 22 years ago, hah
  8. Final Fantasy 1 is TERRIBLE. The rest are really good.
  9. Yes, they are. DDD said that Traverse Town exists in both realms...Because where would the occupants of the dream realm who've lost their world go if TT didn't exist there too? So what Crow and I said. It was just a different version of the town in a completely different realm. And if that weren't the case, and if DDD had never mentioned the fact that TT can exist anywhere, then the series would have explained why TT fell asleep after KH1 in the first place. They're still at Traverse Town. This is your answer.
  10. "technically", but it wouldn't be out of the question for him to be with someone who's 16-17 since his mind and body are going to be 100% identical ever since the moment he fell asleep, is what I'm tryin to say
  11. I don't know what you're trying to say because they're still in Traverse Town...It never said that they left. So no, they're not in some other world. They're still at TT. Wouldn't they still be at TT though? It wouldn't make any sense if they weren't
  12. lol I'm DONE with highschool and college, ha-ha! =p It's been a nice year and a half of amazing relaxation, games, and partying it uuup for me! x D
  13. Not really. It's already been confirmed that you don't age if your body lacks a heart. And Ven's heart is pretty much completely comatose so when he wakes up he'll be exactly the same as he was before. To him, those 10 years would feel instantaneous just like how when you fall asleep irl and 8 hours go by instantly. So even his mind didn't age whatsoever other than by a minuscule technicality.
  14. Very very dear to me...especially because my grandma bought me the first game in the series just 2 years after it came out, and she died shortly after. Her very last gift to me led on to become a big influence in my life.
  15. That's the best part of the movie lol
  16. KH2FM on PS2 has English voices... But you should wait until KH2FM comes out in English for the PS3, imo. It'll be far worth the wait to have him experience FM's extras in his his first playthough in HD.
  17. lol and he most likely has a maid to help care for it when he's out so it's not like he's going to have issues or anything.
  18. Damn it's been like a year+ that I saw you post here
  19. Nice happy birthday dude. Time flies for sure.
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