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  1. Treasure Planet for D23 or riot

  2. Not that surprising considering FFXV"s development. I think this a good thing ,UE4 seems fine for whatever Nomura wants to do.
  3. I dont think sora will be 15 in kh3 for the whole game im pretty sure there will be some passage of time between the end of 3d and where we see or hear sora in kh3
  4. I think they will both be included because the gummi ship doesn't actually belong to sora, and riku is a master now so he could probably create his own techniques and way of travel between worlds. If sora is alone then glider is possible but when he's with donald and goofy theres no point in using the glider.
  5. Marvel is easy. Just make it a side story ala 100 acre woods where you find pages and you enter the comic world in the comic shop in shibuya. Star Wars is to big and you cant pick just one world or battle because it would be to detached from the rest of the story to make an impact on KH.
  6. Sorry for not being clear about "change", I mean to things that are superficial but were limited to what they could do with the system they were on. Like how big an area in a world is or how there are not alot of npcs to talk to in the worlds, characters evolving and changing, or just the progression that would have happened had the game continued into the previous gen and been given the same features we are used to now. But people cant imagine how much more they can do with KH3 because the technology gap is to wide to guess what there could be. It would be the same as comparing FFX to FFXV in terms of how much bigger than KH2, KH3 will be.
  7. I dont understand why people are so against anything new in this franchise, anytime there is a chance for innovation or expansion it gets shot down before it gets a chance to blossom why ?
  8. My first post on this site was basically this thread, here's what I said "This is my first post but I could not stop thinking about what is possible for KH3 on next gen consoles in terms of features and gameplay. For example after watching the FF15 trailer where Noctis is throwing his sword and teleporting to it I thought about how cool it would be for that to be an ability that sora(or riku or other) could unlock after meeting him. You could use it to reach high platforms or perform "reactions" so I want to hear what Ideas other people may have." I still want this to be a thing but it has to be some thing you get halfway through at the earliest, so that way you could use it in a similar way to glide in KH1 and 2. I also have more ideas, ever since I was a kid I wanted to design games and KH3 is one I have already made in head many times.
  9. If FFXV is any indication everyone will have red and black on something
  10. It will look the same if KH3 is smaller in scale than FFXV, but worse if it's bigger
  11. Young Xehanort in BBS uses sabers in his fights against the protagonist and in KH3D he uses his keyblade. His sabers are different from Xemnas's ethereal blades because his have a hilt and are also the same color as the energy on his keyblade, I think that the sabers are one of his keyblades transormations but can also be used as a keyblade alternative which makes sense as to why nomura said "Its possible Xemas was intentionally not using a keyblade" and why he could still summon armor in his fight against Sora and Riku in KH2 . Here is Young Xehanorts keyblade in Dream Drop Distance And here is the keyblade you get after beating Unknown in Birth by Sleep Lastly here are YX's Sabers which look similar to the hands of the clock on No Heart and his KH3D keyblade I'd like to hear someone else's thoughts on this theory.
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