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  1. Oh god, New KH3 trailer *~* so much for sleep

  2. Take a right on Heartless ave off of Nobody blvd. Is Namine really as innocent as she seems?
  3. Mass Effect was the first EA game I played I always heard of it but never really knew what it was about. It wasn't until the Mass Effect Trilogy came out that I decided to give it a try SUCH a great series! Can't wait for the nest installment to come out (which I forgot it's name already...)
  4. Well... I'm sure Chad will be bombarded with women now that he's famous At the very least Rukia didn't become some sort of housewife! *cough*Sakura*cough*
  5. I think the chapter was tied up pretty nicely despite the series getting axed! Of course everything was rushed and there are some unanswered questions... but I still won't hate Bleach for it (It's Jump for that -__-) As much as I saw IchiHime coming, I was shocked to see RenRuki take place!
  6. I can hardly remeber the Jungle Book as it is-- despite the live action movie already out now. If it's in KH3 that'd be pretty cool and even jog my nostalgia.
  7. How much do these cost? I remember the Play Arts for DDD Riku and Sora but had trouble finding them...
  8. Nah, that's what he got Terra for! Why does Axel wants everyone to know his name?
  9. You know you have a problem when you choose to watch the ending credits of KH1 as a dinner meal. .-.

  10. They're legendaries, though I heard using a lure module increases the chance of them appearing! Is Aqua really thirsty for Terra? (pun intended)
  11. I really wish I could have went. If they ever hold a concert here in the States I don't care if I cut off all connections to everyone I know-- I'M GOING! Also, will there be CDs of the music played I could buy in the near future? I'd very much like that.
  12. He went to finish knitting his shirt for Cloud. Since Kairi likes Sora, does that mean she also likes Ven?
  13. It's my second day with no school/work... should I spend the entire day downtown on Pokemon Go? @W@

  14. As much as I'd like that phone case.... I think I'll go for that mug. That way whenever I drink my coffee I can say "The darkness flows through me.."
  15. They would be Donald and Goofy- they just forgot him on an island... Does Roxas really have a rock's ass?
  16. Shut up and take my money! Just... TAKE IT ALL! *Flings coins at screen*
  17. ​If I had the money I would buy myself a flight over there just to pay to see... or should I say listen? Never been to a concert before T__T But I'd do anything for Kingdom Heartsu! Wait wut? Lol
  18. You know, I kind of feel bad because I never got into sports and everytime the Olympics come around everyone gets super psyched and I'm just... "mkay"
  19. ​If they were going to do that then I'd say (since it's SE) that's they'd sell it for $40 for being an incomplete game. Maybe they'll do an individual release of the BBS V.02 after the official release like they did with the FFXV mission when selling FF Type-0. But I think it's a better deal and business decision to keep it as is. They're giving a fully remastered KH 3D with some additional features which could easily be sold for $40 as well. The only reason why they made 2.8 a full $60 compared to 1.5/2.5 is because they are adding new playable content. Plus, imo this serves as testing grounds for the new engine for KH III. They can get feedback from the player base to see what they like, didn't like and apply changes to KH III as needed. (As well as making a little money on the side. But I see what you mean, and I'd be cool they release it as an individual piece some time after 2.8 is released.
  20. Halp I'm bored! D:

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