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  1. GrantKH

    The DC Comics Shared Universe.

    This is just MCU with DC characters replacing them. I'm not complaining. It's actually pretty interesting.
  2. GrantKH

    Star Wars Is Already In Kingdom Hearts

    I thought I was the only one that thought that Revenge of the Sith=Birth by Sleep.
  3. GrantKH

    ALL HAIL THE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)LORD OF KH13

    First, the shipping princess of kh13, then this?
  4. GrantKH

    Kingdom Hearts III Release Date

    I knew it was a trick. Didn't expect Rick Astley though.
  5. GrantKH

    Kingdom Hearts Birthday Game

    I shared a body with Sephiroth because he told me to do so.
  6. Emma Watson was holding a broom at the beginning of the trailer. You are not going to convince me that this is not still Hermione Granger,
  7. GrantKH

    The President

    Let's all be civil.
  8. I already have a PS4. But, if I din't have one and it became available for the Switch, I'd do the Switch.
  9. GrantKH

    How wrong we were

    I thought Days was just a simple mission-based game that was simple. That's the nice way to put it.
  10. GrantKH

    If Xion Never Exisited...

    Kingdom Hearts II didn't have Xion at all. Yet, it was still able to explain the time between Chain of Memories and II very well. As such, Xion is completely pointless (until Re:coded gave her an actual purpose).
  11. Considering that it's the only game I have played out of this list: M&L:DT
  12. GrantKH

    For Teen Titans Fans.

    Seen this already like months ago.
  13. As in you think it's good game or it's so bad it's good?
  14. GrantKH

    I made a meme XD

    Here's a stupid meme I made. It should be burned at the stake for how horrible it is.