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  1. A question about this, do they eventually upload trailers from this event after a week or something? Or are the only people who'll ever see it are the ones who's there.
  2. I didn't win either but I totally had fun drawing them and seeing other people's work.
  3. OH MY GOSH. Finally. After so many years. I didn't know this time would come. I really do hope they manage to reach at least the Birth by Sleep novels.
  4. Here's mine! http://kh13.com/forum/gallery/image/39741-kh13-contest/ Good luck everybody! and me too (^▽^)
  5. habataku

    KH13 Contest

    I really did enjoy drawing their poses. Particularly Riku's. hehe.
  6. Thank god. He's really finally done with it. At least he really could focus all his energy on KH3 right now. KH3 development is indeed on full throttle. But still, I don't think it would come out around 2016. I'd wager a guess that SE's doing a one-big-game per year style, I guess. FFType-0HD for 2015, FFXV for 2016, and KH3 for 2017.
  7. Well, Agito is kinda much more upbeat than Type-0 actually. But I think it started to get similar vibes with the original once the Old Generation L'Cies arc starts...I think. At least that's what I heard since I actually just started playing during the start of that arc. But anyway, I do find Agito(IOS) quite enjoyable right now. And man, I still can't believe the twist that was just revealed this week. hehehe. I just suck at their Gacha system though. That's kinda what puts me off a bit(and the ranking system).
  8. I wonder how long the Secret Movie will be. It's getting me pump and all.
  9. I do really wanna get the game. But sadly, I don't have PS4 yet. And I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon, not even next year, unless some divine entity hands me one for a good price.