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  1. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Who else is in or plans to get in on the "Tales Of" series?

    That's too bad. Vesperia is probably my second favorite under Symphonia. There is a PS3 version of it, but it's Japan-only. I know some fans were trying to make a patch for it at one point. Not sure how far along it is. For all I know, Namco might eventually try to localize it. They've had plenty of games brought to America extremely late. But I won't hold my breath.Berseria looks pretty cool. Can't wait to learn more about it.
  2. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Who else is in or plans to get in on the "Tales Of" series?

    Always awesome seeing some love for the Tales series. :)I got my start with Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube. It was actually the game that first got me into video games.I never would have played Kingdom Hearts if it hadn't been for ToS.There's a remastered version of ToS out for PS3 which also includes the sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (originally for Wii).I also highly recommend Tales of the Abyss for PS2 and Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360.
  3. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    If Tangled is in KH3...

    That's not completely true. Johnny Depp didn't voice Jack Sparrow, and Robin Williams didn't voice the Genie. And I'm sure there were some others who didn't reprise their roles that could have if they'd wanted to.
  4. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    My favourite KH moment

    My favorite is in 3D when Sora's heart is about to be lost to the darkness, but Ventus's armor appears around him and protects him.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzBjgG6CyZ4
  5. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Sora in DDD

    Though I understand why Sora's younger self was used in DDD, I will never understand why they've made his younger character model so unbearably short. There's nothing wrong with being short, but I find it distracting that he's even smaller than Roxas and Xion, both of whom are extremely short themselves...
  6. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Braig and Ansem

    You have a very nice voice for Ansem, certainly. It may be a bit to heavy and deep for Braig, sadly, though you do a pretty good job portraying him. The only thing I'd suggest for Ansem is the you need to pronounce every letter very clearly. Instead of "little" you almost say "liddle".Or "completely" sounds more like "compleely". This isn't bad, it's just distracting when portraying Ansem. For Braig, it doesn't hurt at all. It really depends on the character. Overall, very nice impressions. :)I'd love to see your impression of Terra. Maybe even Saix, Eraqus, or Yen Sid. Keep up the good work!
  7. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Roxas and Sora

    If we decide to go by the English interpretation instead of Japanese, then I think the most likely meaning would be "Why did Axel choose you?"After all, Axel had been trying to turn Sora into a Heartless in order to get Roxas back. But then he changed his mind and helped Sora instead. Roxas might have felt betrayed. Even Roxas's best friend chose Sora over him. It's possible this is what the English translators were referring to.
  8. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    What's your general opinion on Re:Coded

    I thought it was reasonably enjoyable. But I suppose most people have an issue with it because what happens is mostly pointless. Data Sora and Data Riku aren't real, so it doesn't matter much when they grow and learn. We're not expecting to see them again outside of this game. And everything that happens to them and the journal world is also not real, so there isn't much incentive to invest in the story. As a stand alone game, it probably could have worked better. Because it was attached to a series, it put a lot of people off.I imagine that if the game had been totally unrelated to Kingdom Hearts, with its own characters and settings, then it would have felt more fun and interesting. And the characters would have been easier to sympathize with because they aren't just copies of established characters. But alas, we must settle for the game we got and enjoy it for what it is.
  9. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    How Can I Get Into Fire Emblem?

    I've only ever played Fire Emblem Awakening, so maybe I have no room to talk. But as someone who was completely new to the series before playing it, I'd REALLY recommend it. I've gotten so many hours of joy out of that game. It's also just really great for beginners to the series.
  10. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    KH1 door on Destiny Islands discussion

    My understanding is that it was the door that led to the heart of Destiny Islands. Riku was able to see its keyhole, but Sora wasn't. I believe I read somewhere that Ansem tricked Riku into opening the door so the heartless were able to get inside and corrupt the world. I may be wrong, it's been ages since I read about it.
  11. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    What's Your Favorite Tales Of Game?

    Symphonia. But Vesperia isn't too far behind it.
  12. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Which trio of heroes from the KH series is your favorite?

    Such a difficult choice... I love Aqua, Terra, and Ventus so much... But I must go with Axel, Roxas, and Xion.
  13. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Whats with Vens age? (spoiler)

    I think you misunderstood me. I realize Sora was never in the Land of Departure. But that's precisely my point. Four years going by in the Destiny Islands, and almost no time going by in LoD would suggest that DI's time flow is faster, wouldn't it? I'm not saying that Ventus's lack of a heart ISN'T the cause, but I don't believe it's the only cause. There are other characters besides Ventus who still have their hearts but haven't aged in a logical way either. Again, this is all just my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree. This is just the theory that satisfies me the most.
  14. KaytOfTheBlackCoats

    Whats with Vens age? (spoiler)

    I personally believe that it's because the flow of time is slower in CO (Land of Departure) than most other worlds. Sora grew from a baby to a four-year-old at the beginning of BBS, and Ventus, Terra, and Aqua didn't age much if at all over those 4 years.
  15. In Chain of Memories and Days, it is suggested that Sora was actually fine without Roxas at first. Though the part of him that is Roxas was missing, it wasn't absolutely necessary that he get him back. But over time, Roxas started to absorb Sora's memories (because of Namine messing with his memories in Castle Oblivion), and those memories got trapped inside of Xion, too. Then it was suddenly imperative that Sora get those memories back. It was also implied that Namine COULD have taken the time to sort out Sora's memories and remove them from Roxas and Xion, but that it would have taken a LONG time. So in the end, Namine, DiZ, and Riku decided that the quickest solution was for Roxas and Xion to both be returned to Sora. At least, this is what I got out of it.