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  1. If Square Enix killed off someone important like Riku or Kiari
  2. I think we just aren't used to it yet. We've had nothing but the PS2 graphics for the longest time.
  3. It was cool seeing in the E3 2015 trailer young Xehanort and Erequis. And hopefully we will understand more about how they came to be friends/partners/rivals. But what I'm hoping for us for Square to reveal EVERYTHING that happened in the past with them. Like I wanna know all the details and leave zero unanswered questions at all. I wanna know how they are associated with Yen Sid, I wanna know how the Master Keeper and Xehanorts keyblade came to be and they're lore. What are some unanswered questions that you want answered? Just curious what people are wondering on the plot gaps that we have no answers for.
  4. Ok so unfortunately we only know a handful of what the 13 Darknesses consist of. and it's assumed at the end of DDD that at least 12 of them are set I stone. Aside from trying to figure out what the rest of them are, why is Xehanort looking for a certain 13th? Why doesn't he just go to another point in time and fine another him in the past? Is he trying to shorten the possibilities of a stronger team for the lights? Just who exactly do you think is next in line after sora to be important enough to Xehanort to call him/her his number 13?
  5. Throughout the final mix remakes of the KH games there is added content, like extra boss battles and mini quests and collectables. What if in Kingdom Hearts 3, there is mention to these add-ons and are counted canon to the story? Like for example the Lingering Will battle in KH2FM, what if when the image of Terra in his armor is brought up by either Aqua or Ventus, and Sora, Donald and Goofy are like, yo! We beat a guy like that one time! Lol I know it's far-fetched but it's still something to think about
  6. This is actually the most hilarious KH parody thing I have ever seen
  7. I would love to fight Sepheroth again. Simply for the fact that I want to know the rest of the story with what happens between Cloud and Sepheroth. Because we know there is some other story going on there and it will be cool to see what happens
  8. To be honest, since 2.8 was just announced, I think that the 0.2 BBS should be counted as the "intro" or "prologue" to the game. And I think when KH3 comes out, I believe that you will continue as Aqua and maybe then play as sora when you get to the point when Aqua reaches the beach at the end of BBS when she talks to Ansem the Wise. I think she will then end up in destiny islands from there because we know that some how the two beaches are connected somehow. Being that Kiaris message in the bottle reached sora at the end of KH2 and Riku and Sora walked through that "door of light" to get back home. And that will lead and switch to sora when he picks up the Master Keeper Keyblade on Destiny islands. It's too early to tell, but that's what I predict happening.
  9. Yes that's also another point. Although KH2 staggering could be excessive at times, square didn't have to remove it completely. I understand maybe toning it down, but there is absolutely no sign of any flinching in any enemies. That does make things real aggravating.
  10. Twilight Town/Mysterious Tower Radiant Garden Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion Cable Town Big hero 6 world Shabuya Treasure Planet world Tangled world Olympus Frozen world Neverland Castle of Dreams Lilo and stitch world (Hawaii) Port Royal The World that never Was Destiny Islands Disney Castle Keyblade Graveyard Realm of Darkness Kingdom Hearts? (A bit far-fetched but would still be cool)
  11. I know nomoura said that. And believe me I trust them. I'm just stating the fact of how slow the combos are. I know that the games are still fast paced in there own right, but still compared to the best game in the franchise, aka KH2, its child's play. And I'm talking about the different dodges between the different characters, how Ven actually rolls, Aqua dodges, and Terra Slides. And even in 3D when Sora has more ass behind his roll when you upgrade it than Riku does. And I've experienced first hand when using Aqua that there is a split second delay in her cartwheel that leaves her wide open in boss battles. Especially in the HD remaster it's even worse. To prove it I actually timed each of the rolls in BBS. With Ven being th fastest and Aqua being the slowest. She's almost a full 1/2 of a second slower. And that can mean a lot when your about to die tbh.
  12. Haha yeah it was alright. Maybe still my 3rd favorite game in the franchise. With KH2 at the Helm. I guess because of growing up playing KH2, and then when final mix came out with all the data battles, it was the perfect mix of fast paced and balanced when the enemy had weak points, but also was impossibly hard. And there was no set In stone way that was guaranteed to win. Sure there are strategys, but for example in BBS, when you fight the mysterious figure, you can just cartwheel your ass off and spam thunder surge and it's a guaranteed win. And same with the Julius battle in 3D. You just roll constantly and spam the Blallonra move over and over. I hope that they give the same feel in the boss battles in KH3. Where you have to think to defeat your opponent. Not just be on autopilot. And what's that studio? Never heard of it lol
  13. Yes I have seen the new gameplay, and don't get me wrong it looks amazing. When 3D was coming out we all were saying the same thing, on how fast paced it looks. But yet it still had combos throughout the entire games had the same speed as early game in KH1. Its slow, it's boring and if it wasn't for flow motion and the command deck, I probably would've never finished the game. Idk I just have trust issues with the Osaka studio lol
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