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  1. So much this. Like, I get it, leaks are inevitable, but this forum could do a way better job at containing them, and that goes for UX spoilers too. I'm not surprised at the leaks (we've been waiting a long time, people are impatient, etc) but cracking servers and flooding the community with it... not how you should go about it.
  2. Decided to go for it, got her in 5 pulls (had enough for 10) so I have a nice little cushion for the future. Can't really think of anything worth getting in the future, but we're also moving closer to parity with JP, so a lot of things will be more surprising.
  3. I'd like to see Waternoose; Randall could be fun, but doesn't feel beefy enough for the final boss, maybe more of a recurring thing like Sabor.
  4. KH3, for sure. Other than that, let's see: *Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory (first one was amazing, next one is looking good) *Kirby Star Allies (I don't have a Switch yet, but I'll get it for this) *Persona Q2 (pleeeeeeeease? If not, Dancing All Night sequels) *BioMutant (looks really interesting! Hopefully it makes the projected 2018 date, but it has a killer design) 2018 isn't really sticking out to me, but I've also been cutting back on my gaming recently for no particular reason. I'm just waiting for something to really inspire me.
  5. Yeah, Skills to Thrill deals this time are decidedly not worth it. They CAN be, but that's usually a precursor to something even better around the corner, be it new skills or more likely a good medal. iXion EX in a few days, probably. I've been waiting for KA13 for forever, though, so I went in for that. Fused one to try my luck and got GEDD, so I got a good feeling. And 1K strength on Marluxia EX (to go with my Raid40 and GEDD) so keeping my Coliseum place shouldn't be too hard this month =P.
  6. Gosh, it's almost like when they said they weren't gonna show anything that they meant it. Funny that. It'll ramp up in the new year. Then we'll probably get a delay, but anyway...
  7. I'm still thoroughly amazed that Fox is apparently known for two things (propaganda "news" station aside): X-Men and King of the Hill =P
  8. If it's real, cool. If not, good job at the realistic fake. Are we really freaking out about this?
  9. Great piece, Yessie! Although I don't remember a bunny ears part in UX =P
  10. General PSA: Apparently one of the Destroyer Behemoths in the board is boosted (it's random per player?), so don't start fusing until you find that one. I had gone through half of mine before I found out. But I got 1K strength on my last trait roll (60% guilt though, ew) so I'm happy enough.
  11. I dunno man, I'm just not feeling the hype. I don't know why; I was really excited about TFA, and it turned out to be really good. Rogue One was decent enough too. Maybe I've just never been that into Star Wars, who knows. But I'll still go see it and it'll still be good, so I'm not worried in any way, I'm just not jumping up and down =P.
  12. Good job Alabama. You pulled it off.

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    2. KingdomHearts3


      The rather lousy attempt to fight against the allegations and poor interview with Hannity sealed his fate in a way.

    3. Nero Kunivas

      Nero Kunivas

      I do think he's also making an error by not conceding and claiming that God is in control. You can be religious all you want, that's perfectly all right, but it's not the right thing to say in that instance.

    4. KingdomHearts3


      I agree. There is a law mandating a recount if the margin is half a percent or less, but it isn't even half a percent. It's about one and a half so I think that he should concede, put on the adult pants, and understand that because of the allegations around him and the poor way in which he denied them. Yes he can be religious, but he could very well be using it to hide his pride and that is an error as you said.

  13. Frozen is absolutely going to be a world and I can't wait.
  14. Love the Turkey Leg hat. iXion EX is totally coming (I'm not ready). VIP this week is so-so but I got it anyway and good a good trait for Marluxia EX, so I'm doing all right.
  15. I've never had a problem with anything I've ordered from them. Obviously it's possible, but it always will be. I've seen nothing that would suggest SE packages are more prone to damage/getting lost in the mail than anything else.
  16. TGS always struck me as something super fun. I'm not a con guy in general, but I could stand to go to Japan for that.
  17. I was ready to go all in (and I did about 75% of my jewels!) but after 11 pulls I had TWO boosted HD Larxene's, 4 regulars, 4 Days Riku, and only 1 HD Vanitas, so I think the rates are definitely not in my favor. I got HD Vanitas, so I'm good, and my Boosted Larxene got some sick traits, so it's not a bad deal.
  18. inFamous, without a doubt (although Gravity Rush in a close second!). They really nail the superhero genre in a way I haven't seen since, and I'm bummed that Sucker Punch has a new IP, even though that will probably be good too (if a little self-indulgent).
  19. Anything; I've always loved Agrabah and never got the hate for it. One of my favorite worlds.
  20. Buffs and debuffs go up to 7 for everything. So for Kairi EX you've already hit the max general attack and are close to it for everything else. So the Foretellers would add to that, up until the cap of 7. The most valuable ones in that regard are either Ira, who provides an Upright buff (currently the only other medal to do so besides Kairi EX) and Ava, who adds a Defense buff which not a lot of attackers do, although that's more situational.
  21. I got Ira on my third pull, bought all the Pigstar parts, and don't need the Avatar Boards. I have 20k jewels left. Don't hate me.
  22. I got braces today... again... oof.

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    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Oh my bad, I misread what you said xD I'm just anxious because there's quite a bit to do with my teeth.

    3. BlankShell


      I've been through the whole gamut of teeth related things, I getcha. As long as it can all get paid for, it's worth it.

    4. Iris


      I need braces. Thanks for reminding me Blank Shell!! :)

  23. Terra Xehanort (any of the BBS incarnations), because BBS did a great job of not giving us giant monster fights in varying stages and instead bringing it down to a personal level.
  24. Raid event is also an event medal distribution? K. Hades cup is cool, but I can't imagine it being difficult with Kairi EX. No Black Friday deal is kind of a bummer, too.
  25. They really gotta up the pacing of this show. I thought they would have learned their lesson from Volume 4, but there's just nothing going on. I couldn't care less about Blake trying to get signatures. I get it, you want to show off how much the animation team has improved, but just... pick it up. I half expected Weiss to have actually just upped and left and not meet up with Yang, so there's movement even if there isn't momentum. Also, "I know we have Semblances and Dust, but there's no such thing as magic!". Just... really?
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