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  1. kairi big moment could be either tell her true feelings for sora or kissing him
  2. i would talk about why have we not seen soras mom and only heard her voice once
  3. roasted donald on a stick because that is the only thing he will be useful in kh3 since he does not heal you when you need it the most
  4. was going to say do peter pan stun lock but that video already shows it
  5. i think the release date will be november 13th since the calendar in the video with young xehanort and eraqus match with novemeber and 13 being the meme with how long it took to release between 2 and 3 and how many seekers are needed
  6. i feel it will build up to the reveal of what was in the black box during khX back cover and Master of Masters aka mom will make a return as a new threat
  7. i already platinum kh2 final mix and kh recom, working on kh1 final mix
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