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  1. Welp, there goes my wallet. Oh well, I wanted to get a PS4 anyway and now I can order the pro for this. A good 700 bucks out the door but it'll be worth it
  2. I've had the same issues. I've played the game for the past few weeks and now after the update I have this problem. I'm using the Nox emulator and while I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the APK and emulator it doesn't seem to fix it. If there's a solution please tell us what you did. I can't play on my tablet and emulators are my only way of doing this. I guess Square just doesn't want our munny
  3. Notice how Nomura reacted to the Frozen question: "We're not saying anything on titles not yet announced" This could mean that it's in the game but we're not learning anything until it's announced
  4. I hope that at E3 we get a release season (Like Winter 2016, Summer 2017, etc.) and maybe some info on new and returning worlds, or the keyblade transformations. At D23 I hope we get a release month along with more info, a trailer or two, and good stuff like that
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