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  1. In kingdom hearts there are a tun og used latin names and words. Lux meaning light, Ventura meaning wind, Vanitas meaning vanity, aqua water terra earth. But did you know ira means wrath? Also how come his mask eyes are red? Just saying. Not Ventura. Ventus. God i hate spell check.
  2. What if Riku brings Chirithy back... i don't know if anyone else has said something on this topic. But it would be AWESOME if they brought him back in the game since he could help tell them more about the keyblade war.
  3. for some reason this topic actually got me a little sad. I think it tis a great theory though. but sad. :sad:
  4. okay i read through all these comments and uh... if it was still in the darkness... how come in kh 2 kairi was on destiny island and stuff. Also i hear a lot of stuff on ansem the wise being Kairis father... Kairis parents= idk Soras parents= idk oh and his dad cant be cloud. I HAVE FACTS Rikus parents= i think riku dose have some traits that look like Sephiroth. ( Maybe a somthing after kh 3.) but who is his mom.
  5. this channel was made to discuss and help other people who are stuck in games and to make new friends! our opinions could help!
  6. i know! SO EXCITED

    1. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      I don't know! STILL EXCITED!

  7. kh 3

    1. Aru Akise

      Aru Akise


    2. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      *Sniffle* it was so innocent, but alas, the release date is set to 2069

    3. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun


  8. Olivia hinton on youtube... not Olivia Hinton with mlp on the front

  9. What if terranort, Ansem, and Xemnas aren't the same person. They all have different faces and hair. this is just something i wanted to through out there
  10. i need a new book series to read!

  11. :blink: SORA A GOD {heart attack} weirdest immortal history has ever known licks to go on adventures with a mouse... likes not licks stupid computer
  12. psn123 fanfiction.net

  13. look me up on fanfiction.net Psn123

  14. i have to say you all have realy good epic battle ideas. The best sounding is... roxas ven and sora vs the Master X
  15. For me it's re:CoM, the battle animations and sleights look really smooth and colorful. you are boulth correct in saying that.
  16. there needs to be epic showdowns to make a series 'oh me garsh' worthy. Terranort vs riku first Riku thinks its Ansem half right, but ends up finding out why every time he looks at ansem/ xehanort it reminds him of a certian secret {kh ddd & kh bbs} :lol: lea vs isa ive already explained this in my other forum, epic battle :biggrin: and of course ven vs vanitas
  17. if lea isnt the seventh there should still be an epic battle between him and isa that either kills him, kills isa, kills boulth of them or just saves isa wait a sec... why wouldnt the main character of the whole entire kh series not be a GoL
  18. I want ca... OLAF KH3!!!!!!

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