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  1. Asher X Amy! Asher X Amy! Asher X Amy!!!

    1. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      Asher x Nathan ftw

  2. Guys Me lina and gretti will be back Soon Something came up in the family. and we Are going to be back soon Hopefully Sorry for the Inconvenience.
  3. Well for me i don't Really think so But just in case yes Dumb it down. But i did put a secret in every character Just saying. n.n
  4. http://download.wbr.com/AJR/AJR-ImReady.mp3 Amy takes Ash's hand She was happy because It was A Dark bleak World. no matter how white the Environment was. Everything Was devoid of life to her. But now she could see color, hope. She felt safe, And her eye glistened. She Could See A Sparkle in his eyes from the refracted light that beamed in. "Hmm?" 'I never knew how cute he was, no amy no fan girling right now. you have business to do.' She face palmed to hide the fact she was blushing. Her Palm got really Warm and she continued to look away from him. She Took in a deep breathe she felt a bit fluttery. Thinking she began to hum A little tone.

    1. KuriKye


      Geez Lol n.n

    2. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      I have problems

    3. KuriKye


      No i like the idea >:D

  6. http://www.covermesongs.com/MP3s/FullAlbums/TheDownwardSpiral/Hurt.mp3 Spitting Her Coffee Out. And Putting It back on the table. "Ah! i forgot, I uh don't Like Coffee" After hearing What Asher had to say she was Concerned. "And yes you can call me Amy tis fine" She said With A cheery Tone She Enjoyed the Nickname amy. " Can i call you Ash! I use to have a very Pretty gray cat named ash, But it ran away. it had the most Gorgeous eyes Kinda like yours" She said pointing at Asher She Put her hand on Asher Shoulder And asked "Hey are you okay? You Don't Seem To be fine" 'Powers.. How Do i use them...' She thought to herself, She took her hand off Ashers Shoulder and Softly asked "Do you mind teaching Something.. Um How to use My powers.. I'm Sorry i'm A rookie. uh" She paused She didn't want to seem weak. So she didn't want to continue talking Thinking inside her head She was starting to see the world mapping out that this isn't a dream. Immediately getting embarrassed after Hoping that no one saw her cry and Break down like that. She Fiddles with her thumbs, And Her feet Begin to tap. She always Did that when she was nervous This was something big to her 'Could my power Kill people.. Could they hurt people that i consider friends..' She let out a Sigh And Said to herself "Stay calm Amy" So in her mind she thought of a calming place and started to Become Serene. She remembered her residual Of her playing the Cello In front of her family and friends. 'She hurt her hand that day and tried her best, everything worked out that day. So why not now?' She thought. through all that pain it was amazing. Everyone stood up and was clapping for her. She Was Smiling And She had Never felt so warm. The Warmth from the memory She could feel again, and Gradually Lost the feeling of uneasiness.
  7. [World Narrative] http://mediacloud.whirled.com/17260c4c0986061f09e2db041d6c2c1d84dd4f87.mp3 Equipment Room Luthus Gray The Previous Crawler Jump in from of him and Frantically Started to Sweep And scream. Aggressively And Not well aimed But they were cutting Close. I was Missing But Not For long Soon Luthus was going to step on the broken tile from being Pushed Back from the fury of attacks And it Would hear where he was and strike him. Ceres Bishop Sees One Of the monsters from the Ceiling Lung Downwards Towards Seren To Deliver a deadly blow, This One Looks more evolved then the others He must be the ring leader. It had eyes And A Grim Looking Smile By Across its face Default. It Claws were also longer. Seren Bishop Has a clear sight of the BluePrint Only Luthus Blocks Most of the Opening to grab at it and it busy to move aside. He can see the Shadow Of one the Monster Prone On the Lockers above, it waiting and lurking. Greyson Vaile While Fending Off the Crawler In front of him, It Takes a bit of the baton And yanks it from him And Started To Go for his Legs, Swipe after swipe and Rushed To ram him against the Locker Zaria Yuichi Xipil Gets Closer to the officer in the Shadows Her Skin Goes Completely Black Only the White of her eyes can be seen. She has The Chose to go Directly For the Officer, But With Suspicion. It was Easy to easy. Then suddenly they hear A beeping Sound And the speaker says " Security Personnel Is Needed In the Research room Evaluate the Situation and come to a calm Conclusion And The Situation Is to be Handled Promptly! hAVE A NICE dAY.." The Speaker Slur Because one of the Crawlers Attacked It. Whilist In the Research Room Hector Vrac After kicking and Knocking that banshee out cold from it hitting And splitting its head on the corner of a table. He Has A Prediction Of a Flaming Girl Screaming in his face, And them both burning, the pain is almost Instant. He Looks Around And Sees One of the banshee running Towards Him But Heading Straight from the Flames Coming From the Pipe Lairi Hue While hiding under the table She has an Opportunity to crawl Under table to table, To go unnoticed and grab the keycards. But the A Banshee is Patrolling the table she's At looking for her. Smelling for her. Then the Banshee Say "Come Out I WILL NOT KILL!!" Orome Diarmuid Going on his psychotic Rampage Most of the Banshee turn to him and Charge At him The Blood in his Body Pumps and A Blueish Color can be seen going through his veins. Out Lining And mapping his vein structures. He could Feel this Serge Of Energy.
  8. i Would have thought so to but what if he has a gun or something? and thats Correct So yeah try that
  9. Yeah And that will come very in handy. Not only monsters are you enemy But People As well.
  10. [World Narrative] Equipment room The monsters on the Ceiling Began to Crawl Down. And head Towards the Officer that is Partially Encased in the Cocoon. They Seem to be getting More Aggravated. The Leaps Down from the roof, It only seems to be five of them. But they Look very Vicious. The have Sharp teeth and powerful jaws. They Can leaps Several Feet. Their claws Protrude 4 Inches. It was one or the other the blueprint or the officer. But whatever was Picked Both Could Not be Saved.
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