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  1. ScorpioGirl1987

    Moon Gems

    ...So, basically, I'm screwed. Okay, thanks!
  2. ScorpioGirl1987

    Moon Gems

    Refresh my memory: how do I earn moon gems? Is the monthly expert gem quest the only way?
  3. ScorpioGirl1987

    Are we getting any more keyblades?

    ^I'm not trying to be mean or offensive, but you sound just like Rai in KH2...y'know?!
  4. Or is the Diamond Dust the last one?
  5. I have a question about this week's union cross: is there a certain time during the day when you can pull any of the kid medals (kid Kairi, kid Sora, kid Riku)? 'Cause no matter when I play, I never seem to pull any of them.
  6. -I really hope there's more to this Strelitzia character than bringing Marluxia's Somebody into the mix. -DUCKTALES! WOO-OO! Kinda wish we got DuckTales!Donald, but beggars can't be choosers.
  7. How many more keyblades do we need? 0_o
  8. ScorpioGirl1987

    Why are we getting so few story updates?

    Oh, I was gonna say... Okay, thanks!
  9. Hi. It's been a while. I was curious as to why we're only getting five story updates per month now.
  10. I wonder when in 2018 it will come out. Maybe around the winter holidays? It would sell pretty big.
  11. You know, when I saw Blaine (just his name, don't worry), I instantly thought of Blaine Anderson from Glee. Maybe he's Kairi's great-great-great-great-grandfather.
  12. ScorpioGirl1987

    [SPOILER] English copies of 2.8 are floating

    Aaaaand it has been taken down by YouTube.
  13. ScorpioGirl1987

    How Old Are The Keyblade Weilders Supposed To Be?

    Guys, I wasn't asking what Sora's or his friends' ages were. I was asking if our characters in KHUX are close to Sora's age, or if our characters in KHUX are close to Aqua's and Terra's age.
  14. Like Sora's age? Or closer to Terra and Aqua's age?
  15. ScorpioGirl1987

    Logging In To Second Account

    ...Yeah, it's lost.