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  1. I believe the game starts before that one cutscene where he says he is going to Olympus, making Twilight Town the tutorial even before leaving to Olympus
  2. I did find a solution for rooted phones, you need to use lucky patcher app to rebuild the APK and then install through your file browser ( should easily find a more detailed tutorial for this method on google)
  3. not working for me, when I try through the play store it gives me error 103 and when i try to install the apk it simply wont install and says (Application not installed)
  4. Oh shit! Khux twitter just confirmed that is a emergence maintence... phew!
  5. I was playing unchained X and all of a sudden the app closed by it self ( might be some RAM problem I'm having) but when I restarted the app I got this error "Failure when receiving data from the peer" ( it was written in english ) does anyone here any idea what that means?
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