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  1. I need a bit of help i just defeated both Yozora and all the data battles in the limitcut episode but i never got the trophies for either of them has this happen to anyone else
  2. Truthfully this isn't surprising considering that RPG's aren't as popular now but i'm actually glad that it made it into the top 10 it probably doesn't even list here in the UK
  3. Could someone help me i'm looking for Action Replay Max Codes for UK version for Kingdom Hearts 2 i found most of them on the codejunkies website but that isn't all of them
  4. To answer your question about the Kingdom Key W that's actually Mickeys keyblade that he uses in KH3 the one that looks like both the Kingdom Key D and Star Seeker merged together
  5. I don't know about this one but since there will be a new form have either oathkeeper or oblivion as a startup then when the formchange happens have both in hand
  6. Just giving a heads up here for the Europe PlayStation codes they are finally active and in the UK we are under 24 hours till the release
  7. They won't work for the Europe playstation codes tried mine and it said that the code was incorrect or it had been used
  8. I hope that is true for the digital editions too have it for ps4 here in Ireland
  9. Thought I would give everyone a heads up there is a YouTube channel called Viewtiful 4ever who is posting spoilers for KH3 now so watch out on YouTube he has some damaging Videos
  10. That's good to know but now there is a post on KHInsider that says that the Starlight isn't UX exclusive but i can't find anything here
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