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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Hey guys we recently just finished Episode 2 of the Kingdomcast its up and now available on iTunes, Android and If you have a computer we even have an RSS Feed. To Subscribe on iTunes/Iphone/Ipad/Itouch/Ipod - iTunes To Subscribe on Android - Android To Subscribe via RSS or Email(if you don't have a cellular device) - RSS , Email To watch the Youtube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyHHBF7JqPA Description of Episode 2 - In this episode we talk about the recently announced Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Also the news given out about Kingdom hearts 3 in Tetsuya Nomura’s most recent interview! Noel and Jason also discuss various topics including the KH battle system and how its evolved and What disney / pixar worlds may or may not appear in KH3. In addition we have returning members such as Aaron from Episode 1 and new members including Aliahsan, Gilbert, NB, and Holo Fantasy!. Wanna be a part of the next KingdomCast Episode? Its simple just message either Jason(Masterfreakse) or Noel(Noel Hearts) on KH13.com. Alternatively you can Message me or noel on our respective twitters. Jason(@thedailyhype1) Noel(@NoelSenpai) or even at @Kingdomcast13. We hope to hear from and hope you enjoy being a part of the community!
  2. Your majoring in computer science? (its me from the podcast lol) what languages do you code in?

    1. Masterfreakse


      c++ , c , objective c, java, python ,html, ruby, iOS, android, ue4 visual script, htlm5, php, some others i forgot.

    2. Masterfreakse


      Course thats my dream. i want to work on the next kh title :D


  3. Times vary but I'm EST too so don't worry ! I'm jason (DailyHype) in the video.
  4. Finally made a youtube account. Thnx Noel. Finally my path to way-ward dawn approaches!

  5. Im down to collaborate. I'm fully available most of the week, though i work. my schedule is in constant flux but I'm really down for this. Schedule for this week is i can do from 10 am best to 3 pm est or from 11 pm est to 3 am est. Perma is what i want but if not thats cool temporary works for me.
  6. Okay..Hi guys its my first time so please be gentle . ---->WARNING.....HYPE...and SPECULATION is ahead<------ you have been warned Anyways i have some speculation and mind you this is just pure speculation! but i haven't seen this theory around for a while and mine is a bit different so hear me out. Back in E3 2015 Square said in interviews that they had an internal release date set for KH3. now normally when a company does this it means that they have a solid window in mind for release, so basically we all know what I'm talking bout. The Kingdom Hearts 3 Calendar from the young Eraqus scene in the tangled announcement trailer. Anyways i was re-watching that trailer today when an idea hit me. The trailer was about tangled and the other new worlds ...and about how tangled and olympus would be a world in KH3..... so what if? just maybe that had something to with the calendar....i mean when you think about it...this is a prepared cutscene trailer...they don't just throw in things for no reason take the chess board for example. anyways the calendar behind Eraqus seems out of place, so once again ill list the possible dates regarding the calendar for the next 5 years an analyze them. Lets start with the obvious ones Japan & United States Calendar December 2016 - unlikely - however if they time it right they can triple their sales by releasing in december March 2018 - Possibly - March is a good time to release games as many developers do August 2019 - D23 happens around this time and disney products are really hyped so its not completely unlikely October 2020 - unless they are going for a halloween based release very unlikely Now lets throw in a twist. Germany & Greece Calendar - Tangled is based on german tale of Rapunzel. Hercules is based on greek tale of Herakels. January 2016 - Christmas just ended and Gamers are possibly not interested in new IP's July - 2016 - Again also unlikely this is known as a dead period in gaming. However this means no competition December 2017 - Same as above March 2019 - march is a great time to release games May - 2020 - may is ok....but 5 years from now seems a stretch. Anyways thank you for taking the time to read and view this. I hope you find my analysis post regarding tangled and hercules involvement in the trailer If not feel free to leave hate. it makes me laugh...some times ! Edit - Keep in mind that an internal release date window is something that is told only to investors and corporate executives.so an internal release window can be 2 -3 years into the future. thats why i pulled the calendar up to 2020
  7. I think everyone forgets an important fact regarding the rules games have to follow to sell on the PS4. there are a couple but the most important one from sony is that your game must have a digital copy which can be purchased and downloaded. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 , 2.5 and possibly even DDD can't be sold as digital copies due to licensing issues. want proof? KH 1.5 , 2.5 dont have digital versions. DDD doesn't have an electronic version in the 3DS store. in other words its unlikely that they will create a ps4 version of these games seeing how it can't be sold digitally. Why? Because Utada Hikaru's song plays in all 3 games. she never allowed disney to sell the game digitally due to her music. Now if that licensing issue went away. Awsome! however i doubt that this has happened. Just my 2 cents. thanks for reading guys...and girls Edit - Sorry Dearly Beloved is in Dream Drop not Utada.
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