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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I would say no for completing the story of Kingdom hearts because this entire franchise has been using single player and would be a bit odd if they suddenly changed it to multiplayer. But I am for a go for multiplayer for playing mini games or online like the what they did with BBS where you can play online with other people. I also found the board game in BBS extremely fun. I hope they bring it back in KH3!
  2. I always wondered why they always released a bunch of FF play Arts but never saw KH ones. Hope we start seeing a bunch more of these guys!
  3. Default faces Sora looking like a kid in DDD after he looks so grown up in KH2 Sora being more stupid Sora's voice In DDD announcing that 2.8 is the prologue to the finale scares the shit out of me Again the thought of the series ending at KH3 with little explanation the Camera movement in KH1 Theres a handful of cool characters but you rarely get to play as them WHERE IS KAIRI. Ven / Roxas losing their memories so many times (although it kinda works out...but still) Still don't really understand what EXACTLY Kingdom Hearts IS this entire time
  4. I like your ideas, they all seem possible and it make sense. Thanks!
  5. Disney is more important to KH than FF is because the entire story of KH revolves around the disney worlds and characters. FF has very little impact on the world of KH compared to Disney. If you want more Chocobos and Final Fantasy characters thats totally fine as long as it doesn't become too overpowering over the KH characters.
  6. At first the FF crossover was intended in the beginning of the series but after KH2 the FF characters (in my opinion) haven't really played a huge part in the franchise which is why I would kind of understand why they would decide to have them kind of disappear from DDD and perhaps have them absent in future games.
  7. Haven't they announced a while back that Nomura has decided to not include anymore Final Fantasy Characters? If you look at DDD no Final Fantasy characters appear at all in the entire game. I think it's a good idea to kind of keep FF and KH separate. It worked out in the beginning of the KH series where Sora and the FF guys are friends, but now KH has enough to become its own thing which it has already and doesn't need to rely on having FF characters present in the game to attract FF fans to the KH series. On another topic I really hope the worlds are as open as they seem in the trailer in Olympus Colliseum where we can spend hours just sandboxing it taking out heartless.
  8. Staff: you promised…..you’d keep it simple…. Nomura: well i accidentally put a lot of plot so Lol started simple and then it sky rocketed. This is so perfect
  9. I hope Nomura comes up with a super bad ass villain that goes head to head with Sora personally. I feel like Sora doesn't have as much beef with Xehanort compared to Aqua, Terra and Ven do. I'd like to see an enemy aimed more at Sora specifically.
  10. Yeah I agree. I really liked the missions and bounty hunter system in Ni no Kuni. There should be like a whole heartless bounty hunter system so that you can go on missions looking for specific heartless to defeat or talk to random people on the street that have missions for you to take on.
  11. Lol why was Aerith replaced so many times? But it's pretty cool to see all the connections with all the different voice acting roles.
  12. Is it possible that Aqua may have originally been one of the princesses of light? Because in BBS Aqua meets young Kairi and places some light into her necklace to protect her. Could it be that She transferred the light from within herself to Kairi before Aqua fell into the realm of darkness? I was thinking that if Aqua was a princess of light couldnt she just poof herself out of the realm of darkness? Also If Kairi was the seventh princess to begin with then who was the seventh before Kairi was even born? This led me to the idea that it may have been Aqua. To my understanding there must always be seven princesses of light at all times correct? So this would kind of maybe hint that Aqua might have been the seventh and explain the idea that reincarnation may apply but also transferring the title of princess of light may exist as well. Im not entirely sure about this theory and want to hear your guys' opinions.
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