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  1. Recorded myself drawing Ignis from FFXV <3

  2. I agree. I think i heard somewhere another company takes over doing trailers to get people in seats for the movies, so the director gets mad sometimes when too much is shown but theres nothing they can do because ultimately its what puts butts in seats. I wonder if its similar in this situation? If Nomura can say "uh thats a little much", if its an outside company or if he even really minds. Are you gonna watch KH3 trailers? I know bits and bobs about it now and maybe ill watch the first ever trailer they release for it with a release date (maybe), but i really don't wanna watch any more of them like how they released so many for 2.8. Gonna have to go on social media blackout or something haha. Yea more questions than answers now haha. I dont think aqua was saved, im fairly sure thats gonna be KH3 content, but the traitor thing was surprising that they didnt flat out say it. I do enjoy speculation, but I did expect the movie to cover it and was really surprised it didnt. (That being said i have a theory that there is no traitor anyway but i feel like even if thats true they could have confirmed it in the movie) (Also sorry if the last part of that was structured odd, i made my own thread without seeing this post and it was combined to here haha)
  3. So I avoided the trailers for KH2.8, including the intro and all that so it could be a brand new experience and i was worried any trailers would spoil pretty much everything in there for 0.2. I went back now that I've finished and looked at the trailers and gosh im happy i didnt watch any! i feel like they show way too much, so many companies are showing so much in trailers as of late. What are your opinions? Did you avoid trailers? And if not (and you dont like spoilers) did it bother you how much they showed? I know not everyone minds but I'm curious if it bothers many others in this community.
  4. Hi! I'm going to Tokyo myself on Sunday and was wondering the same thing, though i have heard from friends who went there might be some other places? Apparently Mandarake in Akihabara: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowUserReviews-g1066443-d321038-r355991715-Akihabara-Chiyoda_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html And maybe Nakano Broadway: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowUserReviews-g1066452-d3178616-r426279296-Nakano_Broadway-Nakano_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html#REVIEWS Though they may only be for older items, I'm not too sure. They seem like cool places to hit with potential though! Also I was under the impression Artnia and the SE cafe were the same thing? Are there two? :'D Should i go to both? I was just going to hit what i thought was the only one, Artnia! Let me know if you have any success! ^_^ Have fun and good luck!
  5. I want to hear it for the first time in game if possible.I held out for sanctuary when it came out and that was awesome to hear for the first time in game.
  6. Im hoping this is the case too! I mean I know with the mobile game we had to do some illegal shenanigans since they never officially released it here (at least not yet) but the actual console games im hoping its the same as before. wouldnt be able to stand it if KH3 didnt have a world wide release thatd suck.
  7. Does anyone know when Tokyo tickets for the orchestra will be on Presale? I want to grab some tickets but need to know in advance so I can organise with someone who ca read Jpanaese to help me out. All I can find is that information will be later released but I've no clue when that will be...

    1. victorytea


      Pardon the typos.

  8. I just want them to make it as good as they can make it. I don't mind if it takes longer than expected, they are still releasing new content even if its not a numbered game. Remasteres and KHUX and stuff are lovely in the meantime while they make the big #3~
  9. If anyone wants to join a little team I made feel free! We are 'Team UniCorneigh' and its just my two friends and I so far. They can be kinda quiet but if anyones interested, chatting with some new people who enjoy the game would be fun! <3

    1. victorytea


      Also if my amazing pun doesn't make it obvious we are part of the majestic Unicorn union <3

    2. victorytea


      And we changed to vulpes so nevermind haha <3

  10. If anyone wants to join a little team I made feel free!We are 'Team UniCorneigh' and its just my two friends and I so far. They can be kinda quiet but if anyones interested, chatting with some new people who enjoy the game would be fun!
  11. does anyone know how to turn off the auto caps on KHUX for android?

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    2. victorytea


      Oh my gosh haha! "This guys really big about motivation, he's always yelling!"


    3. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      They call me the shouty boss XDD

    4. victorytea


      Ahahaha Brilliant <3

  12. Its fun! I'm not blown out of the water, but I never play phone games and this ones got me pretty hooked.Wish I had a party to see how that all plays out but till then its alright. I like how you get to borrow other peoples cards, thats cute. and the avatar customisations cute too. Im just happy we got it at all (says the girl from australia who technically shouldnt have it) so we can understand some more core plot.
  13. Hey everyone! What is your game ID Number/Nickname? Kio ID 16487 What level are you? 7. Slow and steady Why did you join the Unicornis union? Though I tried to avoid anything at all to do with the game before its release I did hear whispers about reincarnation and Riku and even though I wish i hadn't heard anything, if theres a chance to go with anyone it'd be my favoutite character~ Also damn that unicorn outfit looks rad! Are you a member of a party? Nope! But if anyone here would like to add me I'd be up for it! Could try and help out with raid bosses even if I am a bit weak right now If not, would you like to join one? Absolutely What is your favorite medal? My most used is a KH Sora Ver. B but I've snagged myself a cloud that looks badass. (Also could anyone let me know how you make spoiler tags)
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