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  1. Armor of Master is easy, Vanitas Renmant is easy too just use Mines and potions Mysterious Figure depends what attack he uses once he didn't even get a change to attack me but he's pretty hard tough.
  2. Okey so in Kingdom Hearts 2 there is Ending called The Gathering in the gathering we see Terra,Aqua and Ventus in Keyblade Armors. And three Keyblades in th sand. Kingdom Key D, Kingdom Key and Road to Dawn. Ventus takes Road to Dawn wich means Riku will Save him, and he all ready saved him in KHDDD when he defeated Ventus Nightmare in sora's heart and open the keyhole. and we seen little of ventus in Castle Oblivion on pretty end of DDD. So Riku Saved Ventus Kinda allready. Aqua Takes Kingdom Key D, Realm of Darkness version of the Keyblade needet to close Door to Darkness and currently it's been used by Mickey. After the Door was closed (Next part is speculation)'' Mickey Med Aqua, and Mickey get separated of Aqua when Twilight Towns Card Appeard in front of him.'' * Kingdom Key D means Mickey will save Aqua or he has allready done that. Well we find out that in KHBBS 0.2 until then we can speculate. Terra Will be saved by Sora cause he takes Kingdom Key. (Speculation starts) ''SO now mind Plowing thing Ansem SOD and Xemnas where Xehanort halfs but they also was Terra's halfs so If Master Xehanort can come back hole person that means Terra can become hole too.'' We know that Terra's Lingering Will is in Keyblade Graveyard located currently in Badlands if Terra fight was canon on KH2FM. Opinions here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar4SpK7KVM8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPMyvLOC17I
  3. Well we cant say sure that YX took them with him after all Braig sad that he has some own plans. Here's the cutscene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F-M9Gafpdk
  4. On KHDDD in Sora's story in The Grid Young Xehanorth Say's to Sora:''This World is real, Data wont dream cannot dream. you don't have any idea where you are.'' So is the Tron's world in real world or dream world? And if it's on real world why there are dream eaters? or is it because YX wants to confuse us? your opinions in here
  5. here see the difference between Braig and Xigbar from Saix we can't say because we didn't see Isa's face on KHre: coded secret ending
  6. What if music for 0.2 is Bibidi Bobedy boo dark version since the world where we are is cinderella's world or i would love to hear night of the dark dream on there.
  7. I personally want that we cant control Lea on KH3 so then we could have epic Lea VS Saix Battle and Saix Boss Battle Theme should't be ''13 Dilemma.'' In nobody fight's i wanna hear ''Tension Rising.'' Well i am pretty positeve that we will see Vanitas on game so then i definetly wanna hear ''Enter The Darkness'' Enter The Darkness is absolutely one of my favorite song's of course we will get new ''Dearly Belowed'' Give your music opinions here!
  8. Here's one Game store with one release date for europe 2.8 http://www.konsolinet.fi/product/18330/kingdom-hearts-hd-28-final-chapter-prologue-ps4
  9. I haven't even thought about that. That might be true that YX referred to Sora but then let's wonder why Isa and Braig were missing? Did Young Xehanort (finally got it right ) Turn them back to Nobody's and then bring's them in Where Nothing Gathers. or did Braig Kidnapped Isa. So it might be that YX referred to Saix rather than Sora. but we don't know.
  10. Okey we know revealed members of 13 Seekers of Darkness are: 1. Xehanorth 2. Xemnas 3. Ansem (SOD) 4. Xigbar 7. Saix 12. Young Xehanorth Okeky first thing they all are come back from diffrent poitns of time number 4 is Xigbar not Braig, Many people forgets that they have come back from past. and Number 7 Is Saix not Isa. As we seen in KHre: Coded Secret ending we see Young Xehanorth and Braig talking about Master Xehanorth and we learnt that Braig has he's own plans then Braig askes from Young Xehanorth:''So, which, poor soul will it be?'' Young Xehanorth says ''S'' pretty obius that he means Saix but why? What is Braig's Plan? we Don't Know. So it's Possible That Braig is too one of the 13 Seekers of darkness since Hes has One of Xehanorth's hearts. Well we don't know when Saix got Xehanorth's heart was it when he was Isa? we don't Know cause we didn't see he's eyes or face on the Coded. Here is List of some members that might be Seeker's of Darkness 1. Xehanorth 2. Xemnas 3. Ansem 4. Xigbar 5. Terranorth 6. Braig 7. Saix 8. Demyx 9. Luxord 10. Marluxia 11. Larxene 12. Young Xehanorth 13. Vanitas Marluxia might come on one of 13 seekers of darkness since there is Nobodies with he's weapon on KH3. Terranorth because he was one for of xehanorth after he lost his heart he became Ansem and Xemnas remember Ansem and Xemnas are also Terra's half's so that means he will be hole too because both of them are destroyed in the past. Demyx, Luxord and Larxene, maeby cause we haven't seen them on anywhere. not even them Somebodies. Vanitas cause he can now replace Sora since Riku Unlocked Sora's heart on DDD also that act waket ventus. Tell your opinions folks! Ps: Sorry aboyt my bad english. i am from Finland.
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