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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Yea I just got over a million lux and it then just disappeared... which kinda sucks
  2. Lets just remember E3 2013! We had no idea that there was ever going to be an announcement about Kingdom Hearts in any shape or form. And maybe it won't be an announcement but maybe a special little trailer or even something from Tetsuya Nomura like it was back in 2013. Never doubt Square to have a surprise for us!
  3. Question: Does anyone know who the voice actor is for the Hooded Figure? I'm just wondering cause his voice was pretty cool!
  4. You know I was thinking this too but they have surprised us before! Think about when we got the surprise announcement about KH3 there was no news or anything about it. So we might be surprised by Square and Sony (Maybe even Xbox)
  5. So they only it will be likely not actually confirmed. So maybe we will see it but we don't know for sure.
  6. You know I've been kinda on the edge with this 'Rebirth' theory but this definitely makes me believe it a lot more. I can't wait till I get more into the Unchained X story and see what it leads to and what we discover in X Backcover when its released.
  7. I went through link on someones twitter (on the Twitter App itself), and it automatically took me to the Unchained X download page. This is the guy's twitter I went though so maybe try it that way.
  8. I'm half way through Download 1/2 and its only been about 15 minutes so its going pretty fast! Hopefully its the same for you!
  9. Okay so I just found a way to download the game for iPhones!!! Click this link to Nova Crystallis' twitter and there are download links for both iOS and Android. Use the twitter app because it will automatically take to the app store!
  10. Maybe by 12 am PST. At least that's what I'm hoping cause that's my time zone.
  11. I saw the facebook post as well, there was a video attached that detailed a lot of the game play and customization for your characters. I think we can get it by at least 1 am on the West coast. Also in the comments before the post was deleted, there were people on the East Coast saying they had downloaded the game and were playing.
  12. GUYS! April 7th is the release date for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ!!! Here is the Square Enix blog!
  13. Luna from Final Fantasy XV sorta reminds me so much of a character I imagined for the Kingdom Hearts universe... future reference... ;)

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