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  21. Im not sure, but have you tried the Newpipe app? If you find any apps let me know for sure. I'll look for some too!
  22. Earlier today, a number of Kingdom Hearts III screenshots were released via the Square Enix Press Center. Their Japanese counterparts featured subtitles in the Japanese language, which we have translated and compiled here for your viewing pleasure! These translations provide us with a small glimpse of certain plot elements in Kingdom Hearts III, such as: Yen Sid talks about perfecting the power of awakening. With Sora and Riku in their new outfits, Yen Sid instructs Sora to continue to get his power back, and Riku and the King to continue their search for Aqua. Someone wants to talk about "the book", so they're drinking tea while waiting for Sora. Chip and Dale forgot to mention the location of a certain place to Sora when they called him. Lea talks to Kairi about a friend he met only once a long time ago; he said this friend was strange. Marluxia is referencing something that may cloud "their" pure light, possibly talking about the Seven Princesses. Ienzo mentions that his intentions - possibly in helping Sora bring Roxas back - are simply academic. However, the language he uses is soft and friendly - this could imply that he does not really mean it, and he might be helping Sora for more positive and friendlier reasons. Interestingly, Ienzo adds he is researching the heart just like when he did when he "was" a human (and not a Nobody); he seems to imply that he still is a Nobody, but he might simply be referring to his time as Ansem's Apprentice before turning into a Nobody. From a Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura, we know that this Ienzo is "human". Xehanort mentions opening the "lock" to the Keyblade War. (Note: The Japanese word for "lock" is the same as for "key".) You can read the translations below. Translations have been provided by KH13 Staff Mio-chan, NihonScribe, and Solis; edits are courtesy of KH13 Discord Staff HaakonHawk. Please note that the original Japanese text was translated as literally as possible by our staff. Yen Sid: “You must at least perfect the power of awakening.” Yen Sid: "The Organization seems to seek those who inherited the pure lights, which is to say, the New Seven Hearts." Yen Sid: "On this, Sora must continue to get his powers back; as for Riku and the King, continue to focus your search on Aqua." Chip/Dale: “Yeah, they said that they need to have a talk about the book, so they’re waiting for you while drinking some tea.” Dale: "Anyway, message delivered, see ya." Chip: "Uh- that reminds me, we didn't mention the location did we-" Olaf: "I really want to meet Elsa soon. She seems like a very kind, compassionate, and overall good person." Anna: "You know my sister?" Anna: "Stop it, put us down now!" Anna: "Leave that snowman alone." Larxene: "I told you before, it's the New Seven Hearts." Lea: "A long time ago, there was a friend I only met once... he was kind of a weird guy." Marluxia: "That may cloud their pure light." Ienzo: "I'm just a student simply trying to decipher the mysteries of the heart, just like [I did] when I was human." (Note: He uses a soft and friendly language, indicating that he might actually be helping Sora for a more positive and friendlier reason.) Master Xehanort: "We will open the lock to the Keyblade War." You can view and read about all the screenshots and renders released today in high definition here!