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  1. Thank you, whether this happens in 3 or not remains to be seen. Either ways I do feel like it's a proper send off to Sora.
  2. While it doesn't specifically mention Sora I guess we can interpret it as such. Only reason I mentioned that is cause I recalled at one interview (can't remember which one) Nomura said the story of Sora may end as well. Guess he will keep at it till he's full grown up or something.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, it does feel like a bit of stretch especially for 3 but I always get the feeling that Sora's journey will end with Xehanort's defeat. A new world brings new possibilities and cast to the series (I think I'll make another video about that lol). On a side note would anyone know how to get the embed working. Been trying for an hour but no luck.
  4. [media][/media]Hello my fellow Keyblade wielders, Today I present you with my Kingdom Hearts 3 theory (hopefully one of many). I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts about it. <iframe width="646" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/44A3ozNbp8A" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Edit: sorry not sure how embedding works here yet. If someone can tell me I would greatly appreciate it. If there’s one thing that’s truly immersive about the Kingdom Hearts series is mystery. Despite countless installments we still feel like there’s very little we know. One of the bigger mysteries is surrounding the actual Kingdom Hearts. What we know is that it’s the source of all power and wisdom and one true gate that connects all hearts. What if it’s more? I mean, what if it’s actually a world and what if Sora would become the ruler of such power?
  5. Honestly for me it has to be Back Cover. I wasn't sure how it will be until saw it. Now I'm really hyped!
  6. Pretty much this. DDD was super convoluted even to series veterans.
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