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Everything posted by tinyshoopuf

  1. tinyshoopuf

    Never Let Me Go

    Lyrics to Never Let Me Go, by Florence + the Machine
  2. tinyshoopuf


    My entry for a KH fanzine
  3. This was in the strike order announcment, so if 2.8 started dev before February 17, 2015 then it should continue production as planned. I believe KH3 started dev in June 2013 so it, too, should be exempt from the strike.
  4. tinyshoopuf


    A quick Aqua painting, process video
  5. tinyshoopuf


    Word art of Riku using Simple and Clean
  6. tinyshoopuf


    Word art of Kairi using Simple and Clean.
  7. tinyshoopuf

    Simple and Clean

    Word art using the lyrics to Utada Hikari's Simple and Clean
  8. tinyshoopuf

    Aqua Sketch

    How pretty! And such a cute style!
  9. tinyshoopuf

    Dream Drop Distance

    Digital painting I did when I first got DDD
  10. tinyshoopuf


    Sora in watercolor
  11. tinyshoopuf


    Pencil and watercolor
  12. tinyshoopuf

    Namine & Veemon, Drawing!

    A cute idea, I like the shadows on the floor
  13. Pardon me, I was directed here to see if there's a need for any more coders on the wiki?
  14. tinyshoopuf

    Corporeal Emotions

    Lol, is the title too corny? Watercolor and pencil More artwork here
  15. tinyshoopuf


    An animation exercise using the KH2 opening as a reference. 18 frames, each hand drawn
  16. tinyshoopuf

    Aqua - There's Always A Way

    Wow, this is so pretty! Those flowers are gorgeous
  17. tinyshoopuf

    What A Cutie!

    So cute!
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