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  1. 1. if you mean medal storage then yes, you should keep it as small as possible. that way you can use the jewels for draw/avatar board instead. 2. i'd suggest keep them for proud mode later. you will need wide array of medals to tackle those quests. 3. depends. i believe you referring to story quest medals? they're good for starter but will become less useful with newer content coming up. only level several useful story medals like Paine/rikku/yuna, stitch.
  2. 1. AFAIK the common belief in UX players is that multi target multi-hits medals recover more gauge than single-target low-hit medals. so preferably most premium with multi-hits (8-11/13 hits). then again i can't confirm this. 2. use AB3 on tier 4/tier 5 medal for maximum damage. Jack would be enough with AB2Max.
  3. Dissidia Opera Omnia release postponed till 2017. more mobius then! #blessmobiussteamver.

    1. Xiro


      Damn there's a Steam version?

  4. mine : https://myanimelist.net/profile/_tsumigami i don't make reviews but i still give scores. the list are for personal purpose mostly or for my friends' references. i prefer playing games nowadays so i don't watch most seasonal anime this year.
  5. yes. if you played lots of online games you must have realized. there's only 2 reason why people want to get strong, either to get cocky and boast around or to carry others. In UX what you want to boast? extreme luck in pull? high rank because you're whales? i'd say don't punish them further for their 'sins' (lol?). give them chance. you have the authority(?)so once they started acting up you know what to be done.
  6. why you have to remove them? they did hack the game yes they did. you said it yourself they EX-hacker. i did too. i tried the 1-hit apk back then and got softbanned the moment they found i cleared hundred missions within few hours. even if they still around, i believe they won't affect ranking systems including your pt ranking. it's their games they have rights to play it whatever they wanted it as long as it doesn't detrimental to others. i'd say keep them they might carry and help your party when multiplayer launched next year. heck i would make hacker party if i still play NA version.
  7. there was also HSC error back then in JP the compensation was 900 jewel. iirc the bug even lets you to max score. yes max score and JP didn't reset it. so anything beyond 900 jewel would be too much?
  8. keyblades are all situational. i don't seem to find myself use starlight often, not even in colo. though you still need to upgrade it if you want to tackle proud mode quest next year.
  9. i think they deliberately do that to give us another jewel compensation because they're too shy to give them directly as gift. they are dreaming afterall. lol
  10. like how many form does it have? i've only seen this 2nd form so far. this from one of jp player tweet, with +24 there's still no 3rd form, suppose it would at +25. i will tell you if i found one.
  11. oh i see. that would be hard it seems. you don't have tier2 buff instead? maybe use them all? like divine rose if it's long battle and and tw /starlight for 1 turn kill.
  12. w-why emiya. i thought you only love illya. orz i used to love nep but now i love emili~ i meant rem.
  13. 1. i'd reroll the guilt 2. starlight has 2 upright magic multiplier, 1st and 5th slot. you can put him on last slot?. divine rose has 3 upright magic,1st,3th,4th. based on these facts i can only assume that your keyblades lvl aren't high enough? 3. for buff medal,it doesn't really matter which slot you put them on. even if the type doesn't match the buff medal most of time will always act only as buff and not for damaging purpose.
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