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  1. this account is an absolute gold mine.. im gonna leave it be and make a new one

  2. Tbh Im just avoiding Social media and any KH-related video. But not KH13, you guys warn me of the spoilers
  3. I just have to collect some synthesis items to complete the synthesis goals then I'll have 100

  4. I know it's from 2016 but I really want Moana to make an appearance in KHIII. While watching it, I saw so many things KH could do with the movie. But going back to 2015 and before, I would love for Lilo to be involved. We saw a lot of going into the story of previous summons in KH II and I just feel like it would be so much fun.
  5. I really want to see Xigbar with his sharp shooters, but I picked Xehanort cause I can see it the most.
  6. Being a Final Fantasy VII weeb, I would normally pick Midgar, but really thinking about it, the Zanarkand Ruins would be so neat to explore as Sora.
  7. Hey do you mind adding more words in this post? We don't allow one word posts here since we consider them not contribiting. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/102216-what-is-your-favourite-thing-about-thanksgiving/?p=1897951

    1. mollythedemyx


      Yeah, sorry 'bout that.

  8. sorry this is really late but happy birthday!

    1. mollythedemyx


      Sorry my reply is late, but thanks!

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